Science Art: Geostrophic and Surface-Winds at Southport, 1931

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Eight years of observations, from 1908 to 1915, went into this chart. We’re looking at deviations from geographic points, and the percentage of geostrophic wind to surface-wind for each orientation, and I’m not ashamed to say I can’t really tell half of what’s going on in this diagram.

It’s from Manual of Meteorology, Vol IV: Meteorological calculus: pressure and wind, by Sir Napier Shaw and Elaine Austin.

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Science Art: A Year of Mars Weather

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In honor of the unusually good Mars viewing available right now, here’s a year’s worth of Martian weather images.

I found this on the Planetary Society’s The Bruce Murray Space Image Library. From their description of the composite image:

A camera called MARCI aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captures a global view of Mars and its weather daily, which the team at Malin Space Science Systems maps onto a 3D globe of the planet. Here is one such image for each mon…

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Science Art: Anatomical Embroidery by Cecile Dachary

Cecile Dachary's anatomical embroidery
If you want to give your old-fashioned lover your heart. Or kidney.

Ah, tradition.

Cecile Dachary does all manner of feminine arts, always with a logical (or, really, “-logical”) twist. (Oh, my….)

[via, via]

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SONG: Rats Get Into Everything.

SONG: “Rats Get Into Everything”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Nature, 11 July 2018, “Seabirds enhance coral reef productivity and functioning in the absence of invasive rats”, as used in the post “How rats can kill a coral reef”.

It’s a blues song about rats. I mean, with twee-ish, shoegazer-ish quiet vocals, and a kind of pseudo-South African guitar figure, but still. Rats. They demand a certain directness of approach when evoking.

I would have gotten it done on time but I was…

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Science Art: "How to Build a Human" by hellofromthemoon.


This is an animated look at the part of human reproduction you don’t normally see on video loops on the internet (so if all you’re seeing now is words or a still picture, clicky the linky!).

So many babies! Embryos like… like… embryos! A veritable human-building spiral factory!

I found this on the Educational GIFs subreddit, where the user “hellofromthemoon” has done other fun stuff.

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SONG: One of Our Submarines (a penitential Thomas Dolby cover)

SONG: “One of Our Submarines” (penitential cover)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: This has no scientific source; it’s a penitential cover for being late for the June song. It’s originally by Thomas Dolby.

ABSTRACT: I just can’t escape the 1980s, I guess.

I never liked dance music, as a kid, except when I liked dance music. By which I mean I didn’t really like songs that were meant to be danced to for the fact of their danciness – dance and clubs and jollity were basically anathema. But certa…

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Tasting the solar wind.

17 August 2018 grant 0

Nature reports on the Parker Solar Probe, a ship with a mission to closer than we’ve ever been to the Sun, even dipping into the […]

Cut out cutting out the salt

15 August 2018 grant 0

Yes, it’s still controversial, but it looks like (according to The Guardian‘s reporting) that successfully lowering your salt intake might – oops – increase your […]

Millipedes are medicine.

1 August 2018 grant 0

Currently, my house is being overwhelmed by millipedes – but I’m not sure I’m ready to embrace the solution suggested by this Science Daily story. […]

The cryptocurrency of ancient Yap.

31 July 2018 grant 0

Science reveals the strange similarities, found by archaeologist Scott Fitzpatrick of the University of Oregon, between the very modern cryptocurrency markets and the very ancient […]

SONG: Rats Get Into Everything.

28 July 2018 grant 0

SONG: “Rats Get Into Everything” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Nature, 11 July 2018, “Seabirds enhance coral reef productivity and functioning in the absence of […]