Science Art: Zanclus cornatus and Acanthurus nigra, by Josef Maria Eder and Eduard Valenta.

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Two fish from one of the first collections of X-ray photographs, published in Versuche über Photographie mittelst der Röntgen’schen Strahlen, 1896.

From the “Early Experiments with X-Rays” article at Public Domain Review. The collection also has cameos, newborn animals and young girls’ hands and feet.

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Science Art: Cymatics, by Nigel Stanford

I’m not really that much of an electronica fan – at least not danceable electronic music – but this video is kind of awesome.

I mean, it’s awesome even though I know a Tesla coil doesn’t really sound like that (it’s a lot gnarlier, but you can still play it like an instrument).

All the experiments are real, Stanford describes them all here (and lets on that the video was filmed before the music was written – they figured out which sounds made the best visuals with each experiment, an…

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Science Art: Lidar-derived digital surface and elevation models of a stream channel, by the USGS

a forested stream channel in central Iowa. The vegetation makes optical identification of the presence of water in channels difficult. The digital models are being used to measure the structure of vegetation adjacent to channels in an attempt to identify features that indicate the presence of surface water.Click to embiggen

This is the earth under a stream inside a forest in Iowa, with all the trees and the water digitally removed. Or rather, with just the earth showing – thanks to the radar-like laser technology called lidar (for “LIght Detection And Ranging”).

Lidar is really good at showing what’s underneath all the stuff you can see on a normal camera or with your eyes. It’s been used by archaeologists to find lost cities, and by geologists like the U.S. Geological Survey folks who mad…

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Science Art: Electricity: condenser jars, an electro-static generator, and a vase with flowers, c. 1850.

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A goache painting from the Wellcome Collection. A rather polite setting of research equipment with a bouquet. No idea whose, or what they were doing with it really. Other than admiring it.

[via Scientific Illustration]

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SONG: Picture on Your Phone

SONG: “Picture on Your Phone”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Science Direct, Vol. 27, Dec. 2018, “’Selfie’ harm: Effects on mood and body image in young women”, as used in the post Posting selfies damages your self-image.

So first I blew the last song’s deadline, then I wrote a thing that didn’t work, and then I spent a week laid up with a chest cold. Also, somewhere in there I developed a thing for The Beths, which made it very hard to write anything, because they are so good and…

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HPV came from Neanderthal nookie.

9 November 2018 grant 0

Discover traces the ancestry of a persistent sexually transmitted disease, and finds that the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer probably came from modern […]