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IFLScience smells more traces of life on Mars, by curiously sniffing spikes of Red Planet methane:

Since it landed on the Red Planet, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been exploring the Gale crater in search of clues that will explain how the Martian landscape has changed over time. The rover has now identified a spike […]

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Live Science grants us deep insight into the biochemistry of the bar pickup, revealing that prospective partners look a whole lot better after they’ve had one drink than they do after two:

In the study, 40 students at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom volunteered to get a little tipsy. To see how […]

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Science magazine is shaping up for a flexible future, with a whole new kind of 3D LCD screen:

The moving images we see on a display are created by controlling the net orientation of the molecules, which changes the optical polarization of the liquid so that it either blocks or transmits light. But what […]

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Science Art: <i>Vespertilio Formosus</i>

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A mouse-eared bat, from Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, as found on the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

It falls between a rather pleasant-looking bush pig and a pair of possums in the original source. But neither have such natty headgear.

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Scientific American digs into one of the most recognizable, most influential records (and cover images) – the astronomical story behind Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album art:

…[T]he cover is directly linked to a figure in The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy (1977 edition)—a stacked plot of radio signals from a pulsar. My interest was piqued. I’m […]

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New Scientist seems to be going a little around the bend with transplants this week (witness hand enthusiasm), especially when it comes to the prospect of putting your head on an all-new body:

The idea was first proposed in 2013 by Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy. He wants […]

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L.A. Times examines the biochemical power that love – or at least the “love hormone” oxytocin – has to neutralize alcohol and beat alcoholism:

…[N]ew research finds that, in male rats at least, oxytocin also blunts the inebriating effects of moderately heavy doses of alcohol. It does so, the study found, by suppressing the […]

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SONG: “White Coffee and Omelets.” [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Cut Sugary Drinks; Add Coffee, Eggs“, Laboratory Equipment, 20 February 2015,as used in the post “Breakfast is championed (at last)”.

ABSTRACT: Yeah, this is a song about high-cholesterol food as deus ex machina. The first thing that […]

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