Science Art: Weedy Seadragon by Cristina Pérez Boix

Phyllopterix taeniolatus, from to embiggen vastly

Not your average seahorse.

They’re pretty cool.

And totally real! Not made up or anything!

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Science Art: Mammiferes, Pl. 3, from Dictionnaire universel d'histoire naturelle, 1849

from :
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Behold, the seat of consciousness and feeling.

Maybe not the source, but the seat.

From Charles Dessalines D’Orbigny’s Universal Dictionary of Natural History. This first volume also has some beautiful pictures of birds… and bird fossils.

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Science Art: Rift in Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf, by NASA/John Sonntag

Rift in Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf,  Credit: NASA/John SonntagClick to embiggen

Big valley in the Antarctic ice. A bonus image for the New Year, from NASA’s Image Gallery, photographed a couple weeks before Thanksgiving 2016:

Ice shelves are the floating parts of ice streams and glaciers, and they buttress the grounded ice behind them; when ice shelves collapse, the ice behind accelerates toward the ocean, where it then adds to sea level rise. Larsen C neighbors a smaller ice shelf that disintegrated in 2002 after developing a rift similar to the …

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Science Art: Mt. Balfour, Antarctica, by NASA/Joe MacGregor

NASA/Joe MacGregorClick to embiggen

This photo is part of NASA’s IceBridge mission, an airborne survey of polar ice, which completed an eighth consecutive Antarctic deployment on Nov. 18 of this year.

From the NASA Image Gallery:

Antarctica is heading into austral summer, a period of rapid sea ice melt in the Southern Ocean. But this year the sea ice loss has been particularly swift and the Antarctic sea ice extent is currently at the lowest level for this time of year ever recorded in the satellite re…

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SONG: "Tiny Reindeer"

SONG: “Tiny Reindeer”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Reindeer are shrinking, because of warmer arctic temperatures ,” Science, 11 Dec 2016, as used in the post “Reindeer have been shrinking since 1994.

I wrote a song. No, wait – first, I was pretty sure that since this was the just-before-Christmas-Eve song, it was going to be about shrinking reindeer. Then, I sat down at the organ and hummed a little and recorded a song, for which I then wrote words. And those words… didn’t …

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