Science Art: <i>A Fossil Flower (</i>Cycadeoidea ingens<i>)</i>, 1924. Science Art: <i>ISS Aug 2005</i>, by NASA. Science Art: <i>Britannia Co.'s Patent Screwing Machine</i>, 1890. Science Art: Evibacus princeps, 2019 Science Art: Mimodactylus<i> in life</i>, 2019. Science Art: <i>Test Apparatus</i>, 1960

Science Art: A Fossil Flower (Cycadeoidea ingens), 1924.

This is a photograph of a model from the Field Museum of Natural History, representing a cycad flower reconstru…

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Science Art: ISS Aug 2005, by NASA.

The Space Shuttle Discovery shot this photo of the International Space Station flying high over the Caspian Sea…

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Science Art: Britannia Co.'s Patent Screwing Machine, 1890.

“Screws at one single cut,” the ad boasts. This is an ad from the front of The Engineer’s Sketch-Book of Mechan…

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Science Art: Evibacus princeps, 2019

It’s a wickle baby slipper lobster!

That color came from it being prepared on a slide so it could be examine…

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Science Art: Mimodactylus in life, 2019.

This is a painting of Mimodactylus libanensis soaring over what Nature (where it was first published) called “A…

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Science Art: Test Apparatus, 1960

A test apparatus, as used for the article “Modification of Force Feed Lubricators” in the 1960-05 edition of Lu…

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