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SOURCE: Based on “Manipulating memory with light: Scientists erase specific memories in mice“, Science Daily, 9 October 2014, as used in the post “We can un-remember for you, wholesale. (With light.)”

ABSTRACT: It’s oblivion season here at the Guild, I guess. Happens [...]

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Science Daily has more dietary recommendations for resetting your body’s clock:

Disrupted circadian clocks, researchers believe, are the reason that shift workers experience higher incidents of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer. The body’s primary circadian clock, which regulates sleep and eating, is in the brain. But other body tissues also have circadian clocks, [...]

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Nature has more on how the veterinary tranquilizer-slash-rave drug can reverse “anhedonia” (the inability to feel happy) for 14 days – long enough to bust sufferers out of otherwise untreatable bipolar depression:

The present study used a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover design to examine whether a single ketamine infusion could reduce anhedonia levels in [...]

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Science Daily discusses UC Davis researchers who are using light to edit out specific memories:

Optogenetics, pioneered by Karl Diesseroth at Stanford University, is a new technique for manipulating and studying nerve cells using light. The techniques of optogenetics are rapidly becoming the standard method for investigating brain function.

Kazumasa Tanaka, Brian Wiltgen and colleagues at [...]

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Science Art: <i>Leonid Meteor Storm, as seen over North America on the night of November 12-13, 1833 </i>

This is a celestial event recorded beautifully in E. Weiß’s Bilderatlas der Sternenwelt, the “Picture-Atlas of the Star-World”. I’m not sure, but I think that’s Niagara Falls. In the decades before Edison, the night sky must have been lovely.

Dark. Except when lit from above.

Image via ia Public Domain Review

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Laboratory Equipment sings the praises of the latest soldiers keeping our harbors safe from attack – a
secret army of (cheap) robot bowling balls:

Originally designed to look for cracks in nuclear reactors’ water tanks, the robot could also inspect ships for the false hulls and propeller shafts that smugglers frequently use to hide contraband. [...]

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Science Daily reveals some interesting (and counter-intuitive) findings following the world’s largest medical study of human consciousness at time of death:

The results of a four-year international study of 2060 cardiac arrest cases across 15 hospitals concludes the following. The themes relating to the experience of death appear far broader than what has been [...]

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Nature paints a more vivid picture of climate change – and the related changes in ocean currents – by retracing the paths of prehistoric icebergs in the years when the oceans were colder:

Their results show that some of the glacial floodwater running off North America formed a narrow current some 100 kilometres wide [...]

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Sound like conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? But Space.com is reporting on the easily-forgotten OTHER space shuttle program – the

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