Science Art: Florarctus antillensis Van Der Land 1968, from "Tardigrades marins des Bermudes," 1970

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A water bear from Bermuda, as published in 1970 (a good time to be in Bermuda). Florarctus antillensis was apparently first discovered in the coral sands of Curacao, also a rather nice place to be doing biological research. Tardigrades, famously, can survive just about anywhere, including in the vacuum of space. If you could live anywhere, I suppose Curacao and Bermuda would be pretty high on the list.

I found this fellow in the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s copy of th…

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SONG: Satellite of Love (penitential cover)

SONG: “Satellite of Love” (a penitential cover). (I also made an .ogg version.)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: This has no scientific source; it’s a penitential cover for being late for I’m not even sure which song – I think March. It was originally by the Velvet Underground, although the canonical version is the one Lou Reed did later on with David Bowie.

ABSTRACT: Back in April, my college buddy Christian recorded a Velvet Underground song with his teenage son, and it turned out really prett…

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SONG: Cluster Anatomy

SONG: “Cluster Anatomy”. (I made an .ogg version, too.)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Science News, 2 June 2020, “A new 3-D map illuminates the ‘little brain’ within the heart,” as used in the post “Mapping the heart’s little brain.

At first, I thought I might do a song about two entries – because the mapping the little brain one wound up getting posted right next to a mapping of a Roman city by ground-penetrating radar. I was going to try to interpolate a verse from the Yeah Yea…

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Science Art: StyleGAN2 Example 2, Jan 2020

Scientific illustration of a man who doesn't exist, generated by a neural network computer.Click to embiggen
Wikimedia Commons’ description of this average-looking guy simply reads: The man in this image does not exist. This face was constructed by a GAN program.

The licensing info is: This file is in the public domain because, as the work of a computer algorithm or artificial intelligence, it has no human author in whom copyright is vested.

A GAN is a generative adversarial network, a computer system (network) that generates (creates) new things by having, in essence, two com…

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Science Art: Russ Arasmith Skylab Artwork, date unknown.

Scientific illustration of Skylab by Russ Arasmith, NASAClick to embiggen

NASA’s Marshall Gallery lists this image as “date unknown,” but since Skylab was crewed from 1973 to 1974, and fell out of orbit in 1979, I think it’s pretty safe to say “the 70s.” Like disco or punk rock.

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Turning the virus into a videogame.

8 July 2020 grant 0

Ireland’s RTÉ Brainstorm reveals how researchers are turning ordinary personal computers into a virus-killing supercomputer and recruiting gamers to solve puzzles that figure out COVID-19 […]

SONG: Cluster Anatomy

24 June 2020 grant 0

SONG: “Cluster Anatomy” [Download] . (I made an .ogg version, too.) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Science News, 2 June 2020, “A new 3-D map illuminates the […]