No pizza, no laundry, no one can hear you scream.

Yeah, it’s feature news from ABC, but still – betcha didn’t know what astronauts have to put up with:

You can’t freeze-dry pizza or dehydrate it very successfully and regular pizza delivery is probably a few decades off from becoming reality.

Astronaut Mike Massimino, a native New Yorker, misses good pizza. “It is hard to get good pizza in Texas. It is impossible in space we don’t have it. Someone would get a Nobel Prize if they can figure out how to get pizza in space.” There is also no ice cream in space. No freezer.


Astronauts never worry about doing laundry — there is simply no way to wash clothes in space; water and resources are too scarce. So for 12 days, or however long the mission runs, they wear the same clothes over and over. Their T-shirts, socks and underwear have a special silver thread lining that absorbs odor and keeps items wearable longer.


Money has no value in space. When seven astronauts are living together in a cramped atmosphere the psychology of small isolated groups kicks in. Whoever has squirreled away the most M&Ms, tortillas or coffee has the most bargaining power. Those are items that are most prized at the end of a mission if someone runs short in their own stash.