SONG: My Fingertips Are Weightless.


“My Fingertips Are Weightless” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: “Origami spaceplane aims for space station descent”, New Scientist, 21 January 2008, as used in the post The King of Paper Airplanes (and referenced in the Space Boomerang posts).

ABSTRACT: There’s simply something beautiful about paper airplanes. They’re sort of overused as props in the “Hey, science can be FUN!” educational experiences, but yeah, they’re a thing you can design and build and experiment with and they require the absolute minimum equipment. A piece of paper. So the image of an astronaut with a paper airplane is doubly compelling to me – the simple, kid science of paper airplanes and the complex, awesome science of putting human beings in orbit. Looking down at the planet wondering if the wings are angled just right… you get the idea.

So that’s what this is. An astronaut with a paper airplane. The only noises that didn’t come from my throat or a pitch-bent guitar were from chopped-up drums and Sputnik. (I couldn’t help myself.)