SONG: Aquarium (penitential Robyn Hitchcock cover)


“Aquarium” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant. Originally by Robyn Hitchcock.

SOURCE: This is a penitential cover. There’s no specific scientific source. It’s from this album. I never really thought of it as a rarity, but it seems to be impossible to find an mp3 or YouTube video of it. It is on Lala, though.

ABSTRACT: Is this a song about science? I’m not sure, really, but it is a song about mystery that has a lot of sciencey set dressing – aquariums, planetariums, things that stand in for that sense of wonder and alienation that Mr. Hitchcock captures so very well.

Has a banjo, a rather nice mellotron synth called Nanotron, an electric guitar and the Padawan VSTi from tweakbench. And a bloopy noise I ganked off my old copy of Acid. That’s it. Part of what I wanted to do was get away from click tracks and percussion to make it as spacey as possible. Maybe a metronome would have helped in some ways, but the effect worked, I think.