Super-scum. Again.

28 July 2010 grant b 0

This is more covering-the-coverage than flogging a new discovery, but the New York Times is keeping tabs on the process of turning pond scum into […]

SONG: nobody else can hear

23 July 2010 grant b 1

SONG: “nobody else can hear” [Download] . (To download: double right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: “Super squid sex organ discovered”, BBC News, 7 […]

How NASA finds oil.

22 July 2010 grant b 0

Unfortunately, as NPR reveals, we’re not talking about the kind that’s still safely underground: The NASA Earth Observatory explains that since ocean waters are never […]

X in uniform.

21 July 2010 grant b 0

MAPS has published a study confirming that MDMA really does work in treating post-traumatic stress disorder: Participants treated with a combination of MDMA and psychotherapy […]

Read in color!

19 July 2010 grant b 0

New Scientist teaches you how to make yourself synaesthetic: Olympia Colizoli at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and colleagues… gave seven volunteers a […]

Get up. Really.

16 July 2010 grant b 0

New York Times quotes research that proves exercise won’t save you. It’s the sitting that kills you: …[S]cientists from the University of South Carolina and […]