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August 2010

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And, in fact, the whole discipline of psychology. National Post exposes the sad truth that industrialized, post-Enlightenment Westerners are weird:

The article, titled “The weirdest people in the world?”, appears in the current issue of the journal Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Henrich and co-authors Steven Heine and Ara Norenzayan argue that life-long members […]

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Medical Daily is dishing up a bright new recipe for making biological corneas from scratch:

More than a decade ago, Dr. Griffith and her colleagues began developing biosynthetic corneas in Ottawa, Canada, using collagen produced in the laboratory…. After extensive laboratory testing, Dr. Griffith began collaborating with Dr. Per Fagerholm, an eye surgeon at […]

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Image of Victorian-era coastal survey equipment found in the NOAA Photo Library.

The equipment belonged to the artist’s grandfather, a Swiss immigrant and West Point math professor. He’s the man who made all America’s gallons the same gallon – before that, it was up to states to decide just how much […]

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No, not ice, but, as the Telegraph explains it, a form of water that just isn’t wet:

Each particle of dry water contains a water droplet surrounded by a sandy silica coating. In fact, 95 per cent of dry water is ”wet” water.

Scientists believe dry water could be used to combat global warming by […]

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Science Daily explores an ugly side of human nature. Research shows that groups don’t like good guys among them:

Four separate studies led by a Washington State University social psychologist have found that unselfish workers who are the first to throw their hat in the ring are also among those that coworkers most want […]

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I went there. No, really, I went there. The BBC reports on the way chemists will use urine as fuel:

Dr Tao said: “Growing up in rural eastern China I was aware of the use of urea as an agricultural fertiliser. When I became a chemist and was looking at fuel cell development, I thought […]

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SONG: “Rising Like the Sun” [Download] . (To download: double right-click & “Save As”)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Antidepressants in water cause shrimps to ‘swim towards the light’”, BBC News, 7 July 2010, as used in the post “Prozac Pollution and Shrimp Suicide”.

ABSTRACT: First off, it’s no use […]

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Image from Wikimedia Commons, where it soon might be deleted for making the Eotriceratops too large.

They always seem to put the people at the wrong end.

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Science Daily assures us these shocking, primordial monsters are very real:

“This leaf shows clear signs of one well documented form of zombie-parasite, a fungus which infects ants and then manipulates their behaviour.”

The fungus, called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, causes ants to leave their colonies and head for a leaf which provides the ideal conditions for […]

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