SONG: The Imperial Worm


“The Imperial Worm” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Warrior Worms Swallow Enemies Whole”, Discovery News, 14 September 10, as used in the post Worms, organize!.

ABSTRACT: You remember Empire of the Ants? Not the one written by H.G. Wells, but the one starring Joan Collins shot out in a sugar packing plant in Belle Glade. Yeah. Ants are creepy because individually, they don’t seem much like people, but once you look at a colony you think, “Oh. OK. That’s kind of smart.” And if the colony in question isn’t ants but worms – transparent ones with the eyes of their enemies peering out from inside them – then that’s a whole other kind of creepy. So this is a song about the worms taking over because they’re better organized than we are.

Music-wise, I got hung up on an indie band’s Katy Perry cover… it was an earworm this month… so I just stole a measure, started transforming it, realized it was starting to sound like “Rock Lobster”, dropped the whole song, picked it up again, zigged a couple zags and tried to think of words that rhymed with “worm.” Once that was done (or at least sort of half-done), I put down three drum tracks (two “organic” and one all-MIDI), then cut them together with as stripped down a musical part as possible. There is no bass on this song. I may have to do that more often.

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