Precious beetles.

27 April 2011 grant b 0

It shouldn’t be surprising that The Optical Society likes getting a little flashy… but their beetle test subjects take things a little too far: Costa […]

Neanderthal Heaven.

25 April 2011 grant b 0

Discovery News unveils the religious life of Neanderthals: The Neanderthals were found covered together with rocks burying their remains. The researchers believe it’s likely that […]

SONG: Grains of Aragonite

23 April 2011 grant b 0

SONG: “Grains of Aragonite.” [Download] (To download: double right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on Primitive sea creature sports eyes made of rock, […]

Light batteries

21 April 2011 grant b 0

University of Michigan engineers are taking a bright new approach to solar power: The researchers found a way to make an “optical battery,” said Stephen […]

“Cute” don’t pay.

20 April 2011 grant b 0

At least not when it comes to dates. Evolutionary Psychology finds that pretty people expect free rides: [St. Andrews psychologists] set up hypothetical blind dates […]

Grapefruit vs. bugs.

19 April 2011 grant b 0

NPR’s reporting sounds almost too good to be true as it extols the virtues of an all-natural, edible grapefruit extract that repels mosquitoes, ticks and […]

Eyes of stone.

18 April 2011 grant b 1

LiveScience takes a hard look at the stony gaze of the chiton: While scientists had discovered the hundreds of eye-like structures on the surface of […]

Buck-toothed demon.

14 April 2011 grant b 0

Yeah, National Geographic is really helping paleontologists rehabilitate the popular image of dinosaurs as mindless killers with the latest… well… actually, I guess the blame […]

Do you see it once you feel it?

12 April 2011 grant b 0

Researchers have finally found an empirical answer, PhysOrg reports, to a centuries-old conceptual puzzler known as Molyneux’s question. If a person who’s been blind since […]

War games.

11 April 2011 grant b 0 fulfills that long-held suspicion (in some circles) about videogames and military recruiting with a report on new games actually produced by the Pentagon: ACTUV […]