SONG: Heavy In My Head

SONG: “Heavy In My Head.”

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Anxiety can impact people’s walking direction,” Science Daily, 19 Jan. 2016, as used in the post “Nervous people walk to the left.

Yes, this song is late. I’m not entirely sure why – I had the music *basically* down by the second week of January, and the lyrics by the middle of the week of the 23rd. But as usual, ran out of time to record them. Not to mention a space to record them in. Or… something. Hmm.


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Science Art: PIA18353: Janus and Tethys by Cassini (NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute)

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute
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A big moon and a little moon, orbiting Saturn.

Moons like Tethys (660 miles or 1,062 kilometers across) are large enough that their own gravity is sufficient to overcome the material strength of the substances they are made of (mostly ice in the case of Tethys) and mold them into spherical shapes. But small moons like Janus (111 miles or 179 kilometers across) are not massive enough for their gravity to form them into a sphere. Janus and its like are left as irregularly …

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Science Art: Geology, by Brad Paisley

Yeah, this was just rebroadcast on Prairie Home Companion this weekend. But why not?

A pretty good country song that does everything you’d want a science song to do.

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Science Art: Flaming Storms on the Sun's Face


First found on dthorne books.

I’m guessing this came from a very old Scientific American (maybe 1930s?), but can’t really say for sure.

Welcome, 2016.

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Doctor dolphin

26 July 2011 0

Georgetown University researchers want to know why – and how – dolphins are so good at healing themselves: A dolphin’s ability to heal quickly from […]

Fame more than kindness.

25 July 2011 0

A sad fact from Science Daily – kids’ TV shows are teaching them that it’s better to be famous than it is to be kind: […]

Song delay

23 July 2011 0

What, it’s the 23rd and there’s no song? Yes, it’s true. I’m moving (yet again) and have been unable to record between the packing and […]

Orbiting Vesta

20 July 2011 0

NASA’s not landing on the moon – it’s not even firing off Space Shuttles any more – but it IS taking a long, close look […]

Oupa Neanderthal

19 July 2011 0

University of Montreal researchers have determined that if you’ve got European ancestors, congratulations – you’re part Neanderthal: Neanderthals, whose ancestors left Africa about 400,000 to […]

Sounds curvy.

18 July 2011 1

The word “bouba” sounds curvier than the word “kiki” no matter what language you’re used to hearing, New Scientist explains. That odd phenomenon unravels the […]

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