Science in Hollywood

PhysOrg rolls out the red carpet for researchers with an invitation from screenwriters to scientists:

Producers and writers for some of television’s most popular medical, crime, science and science fiction shows today said they do strive for accuracy and ask more scientists to get involved and lend a hand in helping TV accurately portray science. They spoke at a symposium entitled “Science on the Hollywood Screen.” In addition to CSI, other shows represented were Breaking Bad, CSI New York, Buffy, Battlestar and Torchwood.

“CSI is a great example of how a highly popular show can be both entertaining and make science understandable to the public,” said [Donna Nelson, Ph.D], who is with affiliated with the University of Oklahoma and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “The people who make TV shows and films really are interested in presenting science accurately. That’s why they have been encouraging scientists like myself to serve as technical advisers. It’s been great fun for me and I even have appeared in a cameo role on Breaking Bad.”