SONG: Back to the Printer


“Back to the Printer” [Download]
(To download: double right-click & “Save As”)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “MIT and Harvard’s 3D-Printed Inchworm Robot Can Assemble Itself,” Inhabitat, 13 May 2013, as used in the post “Self-assembling robot worms.”

ABSTRACT: Soooo close to the deadline on this one, but a faulty external drive cable kept me mixing up past midnight. So. Now, I owe two penitential covers. That should be awful. Awesome, I mean.

This song is pretty awesome, too. It’s all built around a single loop, House of Tomorrow style, but in a kind of strange meter (10 beats instead of 8) so it’s guaranteed to not be catchy. At least not at first.

I was kind of tempted to put a guitar figure over every third and fourth measure (two off, two on), to kind of artificially make a chorus, but there seemed to be enough going on.


Four lines of lyrics was also enough – the idea, naturally, is that they kind of multiply. In one draft, I used the same lines in a different order for the second draft, but that was too difficult to mix and too difficult to follow as a listener. Better to just add a harmony… then change the first-person singular to the first-person plural (always part of the plan) for the third verse.