Graphene is cool! 3D printing is cool! What else would be cool? Let’s put ’em TOGETHER!

Gigaom takes the two great tastes of home manufacturing and carbon crystalline structures and makes them taste great together with a 3D printer that creates objects out of graphene:

Mining and technology development company American Graphite Technologies announced this week that partner researchers at the Kharkov Institute of Physics in in Ukraine received final approval to begin researching how to adapt 3D printers to print with graphene.

Graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms with impressive physical characteristics. It is stronger than diamond and extremely conductive, which means it could have applications in electronics and solar panels, among other industries. The researchers will also study applications for other nano-scale varieties of carbon.

“Now that we have the approval from the project administrator … we will be gearing up and starting immediately on the project,” CEO Rick Walchuk said in a release.