SONG: Something Missing


“Something Missing.” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Man prefers $50 3-D printed hand to $42,000 prosthetic”, Washington Post, 23 April 2014, as used in the post “A $50 home-printed hand beats a $42,000 prosthetic.”.

ABSTRACT: Sometimes the words all fall into place. Sometimes they don’t. I started this thing by listening to the music in Luther and thinking, yeah, OK, a kind of bluesy waltz done with synths and reverb and a kinda earthy flute. And I kinda knew, ok, homemade hands, that’s a pretty wonder-inspiring thing. And then… kind of stuck. I wound up writing lyrics as a villanelle, but they didn’t fit in 3/4 time. So I poached the rhymes.

There’s actually nothing about hands in here, which rankles. Revolutions and sharing ideas and building amazing things at home, sure. Nothing on limbs, really, or shaping environments or things that hands do. The hand, I guess, is missing from the lyric. I need to build a substitute and print it out. Or something like that.


As it is, plenty atmospheric. Maybe too eerie and not enough hope?