SONG: “Meat Man”


“Meat Man”. [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE:High-Protein Diet May Have Shaped Neanderthals,” Archaeology, 30 March 2016,
as used in the post Protein Diet Shaped Neanderthals.

ABSTRACT: Of course, the world is mourning the loss of a great musical genius this week, and so am I – but in my case, it’s Richard Lyons, one of the founding members of Negativland. This group… well, they weren’t a band, really, and I don’t think you could even call them musicians (although maybe musique concrete counts), but meant so much to me for so long….

Negativland was the art of recombination.

So. There’s this song. I’d starting plinking away at a little guitar figure. Then, I saw a prompt on Song Dojo about doing a theme for a D-List superhero, and maybe making part of it in 5/4. So I started tweaking the plinking, thinking about words, and then…. And then.

It’s not even funny.

But I had to do a thing that I thought Mr. Lyons might appreciate.

It’s about Neanderthals who changed their body shape by eating protein. Meat. It is not really a song any more, but there are all the ingredients of a song in there.

Long may you shine. Perfect. Scrambled. Eggs.


Meat man
Break flint here
Meat man
Make sharp spear

Meat man
Bring meat home
Meat man
Blow through bones

Meat man
Make ribs wide
Meat man
Change inside


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