SONG: “Your Molecular Structure (penitential cover)”


“Your Molecular Structure (penitential cover)” [Download]

ARTIST: grant (originally by Mose Allison).

SOURCE: This song doesn’t have a scientific source; it’s a penitential cover for being late with my October song (which, technically, is still forthcoming).

Allison is one of the many musical giants who left us for good in 2016, and go figure, but he wrote a science song… or at least a song with a scientific aesthetic. He was a jazz pianist, and his version sounds like this. Fun, isn’t? Quick and syncopated, lots of changes.

I took all of that away. I found the tonic and stuck to it. This is another drone song – a real, electric organ (the hissing in the first fraction of a second is really the blower under the keyboard), along with a deep synth with lots of effects. Then there’s me, singing, and some hand-claps layered in there. A little reverb and compression on the voice. And that’s it.

This is also FINALLY the first song in Reaper with the audio-ins working since I somehow knocked them out a few months ago. What finally worked: using the Gnome-Alsa Mixer – not alsamixer, not QasMixer – to click a check-box labeled “Record” on the Capture track, but then turn Capture down to like 1 or 2-point-something. Diddling with Capture on the other mixers didn’t help; they’d either mute everything or let every output loop back to the input. But somehow, this combo on this mixer did it.