SONG: The Hardest Fact (Considering IMS J2204+0112)


“The Hardest Fact (Considering IMS J2204+0112)” [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Science News, 16 Mar 2018, “Astronomers can’t figure out why some black holes got so big so fast”, as used in the post
Outperforming black holes get too big, too fast”

Odd process for this one, in part because I was housesitting, and in part because I spent some of my mojo making that “Titanium” cover last weekend. I made a whole track with percussion and bass and drones for this, I scribbled down a few lyrics as a rough draft, and then… abandoned nearly all of it in favor of making up a new chord progression basically on the spot as I attempted to sing through the scribbled lyrics. This involved a little more scribbling to make things like meter work, and I did keep the drones (once I retuned them to match the three-steps-down-tuned guitar here in my folks’ house). But in the end, I’m pretty happy with the way this all came together.

Empty houses do make better songs.

Of course, this song is basically about how we’re living in an empty house, or in a universe that seems to want to collapse in on itself, with these giant singularities forming much larger and much faster than we thought right when everything kicked off. And they’re still out there, accumulating more mass all the time. This is something like some relationships I’ve had. You know what I mean. We’re always falling into each other and being consumed. It’s never quite enough. And we don’t quite have the right models for what’s really going on.

Eddington could not predict – more than a billion suns, less than a billion years.