We’re a greasy galaxy

28 June 2018 grant 0

Science Daily reveals that the Milky Way is more like the Greasy Way, with the discovery of lots of “grease-like molecules” floating in the void […]

The manta ray nursery.

20 June 2018 grant 0

Science Daily takes us to the Gulf of Mexico, where scientists have finished the first-ever study of a nursery for baby manta rays: Located in […]

The baobabs are dying.

14 June 2018 grant 0

No, this isn’t a heart-wrenching sequel to The Little Prince. It’s a report in Nature on a baffling illness striking down some of Africa’s most […]

Researchers reverse dementia.

8 June 2018 grant 0

Science Daily has (rather densely written) research showing how specific drugs could not only stop dementia but reverse its effects: A lack of knowledge about […]