An AI from space has discovered a new massive drawing on the Nazca Plain.

Science News reports on a computer algorithm that has analyzed satellite imagery to detect a previously unknown humanoid figure, sketched out centuries ago, among the famous Nazca Lines of Peru:

Researchers at IBM and Yamagata University in Japan taught an AI to recognize Nazca Lines by showing it drone and satellite images of known glyphs. The AI identified over 500 possible new geoglyphs, including the humanoid figure, while searching a five-kilometer stretch of terrain. Aerial images and in-person visits to the site confirmed the presence of the humanoid figure, which is near a well-known hummingbird-like Nazca design.

Next, the researchers plan to run a more powerful AI system that will leverage aerial images, as well as other information like laser mapping data, to identify Nazca Lines more quickly and accurately.

You can read more about Yamagata’s research with IBM PAIRS Geoscope here.