Cool nanotubes.

11 April 2012 grant 0

PhysOrg unveils the guts of the next supercomputer breakthrough – with carbon nanotubes that, curiously, make things nearby get hot while they stay cool: For […]

The moon is not so lonely.

5 April 2012 grant 0

PhysOrg says our moon has lots of company – little “minimoons” are always stopping by for an orbital visit: Mikael Granvik (formerly at UH Manoa […]

Grampa Worm!

28 March 2012 grant 0

PhysOrg greets our oldest known ancestor – a very special worm: Researchers from the University of Cambridge, University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum […]

A blood test for autism.

26 March 2012 grant 0

MedicalXpress reports that Swedish and Iranian researchers might have identified a way to diagnose autism physically, by checking biomarkers in blood plasma: In the current […]