The Neuroscience of Gotye.

17 July 2012 grant 0

Fun to read Sound on Sound’s behind-the-mixing-board analysis of what made “Somebody That I Used To Know” so darn catchy – even though it breaks […]

Chimp retirement plan.

12 July 2012 grant 2

Nature echoes the call for the National Institutes of Health to create a humane retirement plan for their primate research assistants: Last December, a report […]

They found threads of dark matter

9 July 2012 grant 0

…spinning between clusters of galaxies. That’s how the Christian Science Monitor describes the remarkable discovery of the scaffolding that holds together the universe: Three-dimensional astronomical […]

Parasites linked to suicides.

6 July 2012 grant 0

Scientific American’s “Science Sushi” blog rolls up some recent research connecting cat-parasite Toxoplasma gondii with human suicides: in Denmark, serum antibody levels for Toxoplasma gondii […]

It’s a boson!

4 July 2012 grant 0

If you’re the kind of person who reads these updates here, you already know that CERN has come out and said they’ve found the Higgs […]