The shiniest living thing.

11 September 2012 grant 0

Cambridge researchers have determined that an iridescent berry is the brightest thing in nature: The ‘brightest’ thing in nature, the Pollia condensata fruit, does not […]

The reefs are collapsing.

10 September 2012 grant 0

Guardian takes a look underwater, and what it sees (and, more importantly, what scientists are seeing) really doesn’t look good: The decline of the reefs […]

The robot knows itself.

6 September 2012 grant 0

Machines, BBC reports, are one step closer to personhood, thanks to Yale researchers inventing Nico, a robot who knows himself: “It is a spatial reasoning […]

Oldest insects ever.

29 August 2012 grant 0

EurekAlert goes back 230 million years to uncover the most ancient arthropods ever found: The amber droplets, most between 2-6 millimeters long, were buried in […]