Cannabis pills not effective against MS.

29 May 2012 grant 0

BBC breaks some not-terribly-encouraging news from the stoner desk. Neuromedical researchers have found marijuana-based meds don’t slow the progress multiple sclerosis: Lead researcher, Professor John […]

Pesticides make bees… picky.

25 May 2012 grant 0

PhysOrg finds something weird about the nicotine-based pesticides that seem to be making trouble for bees. Neonicotinoids make them picky eaters: The UC San Diego […]

Turning pollution into gold.

22 May 2012 grant 0

PhysOrg gets me all het up over this modern-day alchemist who’s figured out how to transmute greenhouse gases into useful materials… and energy: Making carbon-based […]

When bad science happens…

21 May 2012 grant 0

…bad consequences follow. Forbes traces the problems with the most authoritative “we can cure the gay out of you” study: [Dr. Robert L.] Spitzer now […]