Drones of Titan

24 January 2012 grant 0

I never thought that within my lifetime, we’d be planning – as PopSci reports – to send flying robots to find aliens on Saturn’s moons: […]

The Great Apes of Europe.

19 January 2012 grant 0

Science Daily tries to figure out what the Greek gorilla or Austrian orangutan were really like: To date scientists have assumed that great apes went […]

Visionary Mayan tobacco.

16 January 2012 grant 0

Discovery savors the very faint aroma of a 1,300-year-old Mayan tobacco flask – the first physical evidence that Mayans used super-strong tobacco: None of the […]

Fight to be tiniest.

13 January 2012 grant 0

WaPo covers the war between a newly discovered frog and an itsy bitsy fish over which one is the smallest vertebrate: An article Wednesday in […]

Workout in a pill. No, really.

12 January 2012 grant 0

MIT Tech Review is finally announcing part of that unimaginable future we’ve all been waiting for – fat-burning exercise in capsule form: Researchers have discovered […]

Really dark matter.

10 January 2012 grant 0

The fun thing, New Scientist seems to be saying, about dark matter right now is that it’s really dark. Like, really, really not a glimmer […]