Tasting the solar wind.

17 August 2018 grant 0

Nature reports on the Parker Solar Probe, a ship with a mission to closer than we’ve ever been to the Sun, even dipping into the […]

Cut out cutting out the salt

15 August 2018 grant 0

Yes, it’s still controversial, but it looks like (according to The Guardian‘s reporting) that successfully lowering your salt intake might – oops – increase your […]

Millipedes are medicine.

1 August 2018 grant 0

Currently, my house is being overwhelmed by millipedes – but I’m not sure I’m ready to embrace the solution suggested by this Science Daily story. […]

The cryptocurrency of ancient Yap.

31 July 2018 grant 0

Science reveals the strange similarities, found by archaeologist Scott Fitzpatrick of the University of Oregon, between the very modern cryptocurrency markets and the very ancient […]