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Written By: grant on December 23, 2014 No Comment

It’s been a season, this holiday has.

Mea maxima culpa. One verse and an arrangement sans guitar does not a song make. It’ll be posted soon, as will a penitential cover. (I still owe two, actually, now that I think of it. Hmm.)

Written By: grant on February 21, 2014 No Comment

Michael Hearst! Composer! Writer! Player of atypical instruments! Science fan!

You are compiling instrumentals based on wonderful animals, like the glass frog, the magnapinna squid, and, as performed below by The Kronos Quartet, the aye-aye:

You are a man of science, wonder and music.

The Guild salutes you!

Here’s more about him in his […]

Written By: grant on April 23, 2013 No Comment

Alas, no song will be posted today. It will be forthcoming, as will a penitential cover.

Written By: grant on November 24, 2012 No Comment

Which means one shall be forthcoming soon. And a penitential cover.

So it goes.

Written By: grant on October 24, 2012 No Comment

And today is the day there should be a song.

So we owe you a song. And a penitential cover. Hmm.


Written By: grant on October 5, 2012 No Comment

I’m taking a moment, with Archie McPhee, to celebrate the birth of a science dude.


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Written By: grant on March 14, 2012 No Comment

Check this out:


Forget your Variety and your Rolling Stone. The Guild of Scientific Troubadours just received positive notice from a writer for New Scientist.


Written By: grant on March 6, 2012 No Comment

Over the transom this morning, I just got word of an amazing science-music-art project that combined six University College London biomedical researchers with six bands to make a pretty great album:

This project was funded by the Wellcome Trust and involved working with six different UCL bio-medical scientists (Dr Alex Dedman, Dr Sam Tazzyman, […]

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