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SONG: "Jump, Jump, Jump."

SONG: “Jump, Jump, Jump”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Fish and Adaptation: Mangrove Fish Jumps into Air in Warming Water”, Nature World News, 21 Oct 2015, as used in the post “Global warming might make the fish jump.”

ABSTRACT: First, let me say that this was done on time, even early. It started as a jokey thing I was singing to my son while he was watching me play guitar on the couch, and I decided what the hell. They call it “playing” music for a reason. (I guess if I spoke …

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SONG: All Praise Black Ice

SONG: “All Praise Black Ice”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “New Horizons Finds Blue Skies and Water Ice on Pluto”,, 8 Oct 2015, as used in the post “There’s water ice on another planet. Not Mars. Pluto.”


Laryngitis followed by a business trip and here I am, a couple weeks late. I hope the brass section makes up for that.

(Yes, there’s brass in there, somewhere. I really need help mastering these things, but one does what one can in between everything e…

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Science Art: Taf. V: Feuer-Salamander by Bruno Dürigen.


Fire salamanders.

They don’t look so hot.


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Science Art: Chemical Laboratory room. Experimental Research labs, Burroughs Wellcome and Co. Tuckahoe, New York

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Welcome to Wellcome.

They’ve got all kinds of wonderful things in their image gallery, including this marvelous experimenter in an even more marvelous experimental lab.

In 1935, this was where the future was made.

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Science Art: Idolo de ignota localidad, Idolo de Arica, Idolo de ignota localidad.

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Three idols, from the Anales del Museo Nacional de Chile, published between 1892 and 1910.

I found them in the Biodiversity Heritage Library, which is usually full of biological specimens.

These three, however, are a little different… even if no one knows where two of them came from. Arica is a port city near two valleys that divide the Atacama Desert in north Chile.

He (or more likely she, even though as described in the text, “no hai tetas” and “la barba es d…

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No song today.

24 October 2015 // 0 Comments

Laryngitis is a heck of thing, especially when combined with an antibiotic allergy. Music to resume shortly.

No song today.

23 December 2014 // 0 Comments

It’s been a season, this holiday has. Mea maxima culpa. One verse and an arrangement sans guitar does not a song make. It’ll be posted soon, as will a penitential cover. (I still owe two, actually, now that I think of it. Hmm.)

Guild Salute: Michael Hearst, Songs for Unusual Creatures

21 February 2014 // 0 Comments

Michael Hearst! Composer! Writer! Player of atypical instruments! Science fan! You are compiling instrumentals based on wonderful animals, like the glass frog, the magnapinna squid, and, as performed below by The Kronos Quartet, the aye-aye: You are a man of science, wonder and music. The Guild salutes you! Here’s more about him in his own words, talking about the making of his album and some of the musicians (Margaret Leng Tan!) he got involved with the project: [I heard him on The Takeaway]

Science Art: “How to Get Ahead in Science? Simple.” Jim Kelly, Houston Press, August 19, 1991.

3 September 2013 // 0 Comments

Ever since the Buckyball story broke big last year, Rice University chemist Rick Smalley has been getting the phone calls. Rick, they say, this is Jamie in Minnesota, and I saw this article. I just wanted you to know that I’ve dreamed about this molecule and now I can see it. And Smalley, whose job it is in a sense to dream about molecules, finds himself talking to a complete stranger about the one he discovered by accident. Officially, the molecule is called buckminsterfullerene, in honor of the eccentric futurist-inventor R. Buckminster Fuller, and it fascinates not only the Jamies of this world, but the Paul Chus as well…. Ride easy, Jim.

The Guild reviewed.

14 March 2012 // 0 Comments

Check this out: Forget your Variety and your Rolling Stone. The Guild of Scientific Troubadours just received positive notice from a writer for New Scientist. Success!

A salute: Trying and trying and trying by Gethan Dick.

6 March 2012 // 0 Comments

Over the transom this morning, I just got word of an amazing science-music-art project that combined six University College London biomedical researchers with six bands to make a pretty great album: This project was funded by the Wellcome Trust and involved working with six different UCL bio-medical scientists (Dr Alex Dedman, Dr Sam Tazzyman, Dr Zarinah Agnew, Kara Cerveny PhD, Dr Nandi Simpson and Dr Martin Austwick) to write truthful but poetic explorations of their research, then taking the lyrics to six exciting, innovative and award-winning musicians (birdengine, The 9000, Reeps One, Hannah Marshall, Workers Union Ensemble and The Overdrive Orchestra) and working with them to record six unique new songs. In each, the science feeds directly into the music: one song uses electric guitars to copy an optical frequency graph with their noise levels; in another song about genetic codes, A and D notes are inverted ; and in another, a beatboxer channels an […]

A Higgs boson walks into a cathedral…

20 September 2011 // 0 Comments

No, really. A religion and science joke. A Higgs boson walks into St. Patrick’s Cathedral on a fine Sunday morning. The monsignor looks up and reacts angrily, “Get thee behind me, Higgs boson, and leave our place of worship!” The Higgs boson turns on his heel and says, “Fine. But you’ll regret it. You can’t have mass without me.” [via]

“Watasenia Scintillans Addresses the New Graduates” by Squid Pro Crow.

24 August 2011 // 0 Comments

Watasenia Scintillans Addresses the New Graduates by Squid Pro Crow So. If you’ve noticed me referring obliquely to a “special project” lately, or to “having a thing” that’s taking up my time since April or so, this is it. The thing. This is what I’ve been working on for the past few months. Just a taste. There’s more to come. Words by Kate Horowitz, who can be found over here. We’ve been taking to time to get it right. And what do you know – this is what comes out. Watch this page (or Squid Pro Crow on bandcamp) for more.

Song delay

23 July 2011 // 0 Comments

What, it’s the 23rd and there’s no song? Yes, it’s true. I’m moving (yet again) and have been unable to record between the packing and unpacking. Expect one shortly. And a penitential cover. And, perhaps, some news that might make the wait worthwhile.

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