No song – again!

23 July 2019 grant 0

Because computers sometimes break, and replacement computers sometimes don’t work the way one expects them to, and because just setting up a recorder and recording […]

No song today.

23 September 2018 grant 0

Observing the equinox. Have music (roughly) but no good words… yet. Song and penitential cover coming soon.

No song today.

23 November 2017 grant 0

Or at least, no original. I’ve got a bass line and a smattering of lyrics, but still haven’t replaced the laptop, so recording has been […]

No song today.

24 April 2017 grant 0

Sigh. I’m most of the way through one, but the words didn’t fall together even after the chorus turned up. One will follow soon, along […]

No song today.

23 October 2016 grant 0

Writing an obituary. Working on a science fair project. Neither thing is easy. Also, Linux is twisting and turning on me. I can get audio […]

No song today.

24 October 2015 grant 0

Laryngitis is a heck of thing, especially when combined with an antibiotic allergy. Music to resume shortly.

No song today.

23 June 2015 grant 0

Looks like I’ll be owing a song… and a penitential cover for my tardiness. Stay tuned.

No song today.

23 December 2014 grant 0

It’s been a season, this holiday has. Mea maxima culpa. One verse and an arrangement sans guitar does not a song make. It’ll be posted […]

No song today!

23 April 2013 grant 0

Alas, no song will be posted today. It will be forthcoming, as will a penitential cover.

No song today

24 November 2012 grant 0

Which means one shall be forthcoming soon. And a penitential cover. So it goes.

No song today.

24 October 2012 grant 0

And today is the day there should be a song. So we owe you a song. And a penitential cover. Hmm. Hmm!