Song delay

23 July 2011 grant b 0

What, it’s the 23rd and there’s no song? Yes, it’s true. I’m moving (yet again) and have been unable to record between the packing and […]

Song delay.

23 September 2010 grant b 0

This hasn’t been a week for lyrics. September’s song will be completely shortly, followed by another penitential cover.

Go figure.

24 April 2010 grant b 0

Fittingly enough, I posted that put-sugar-in-my-Coke song on the anniversary of New Coke’s introduction. Funny.

No song… yet.

24 March 2010 grant b 0

Very close to making the deadline this month BUT NO CIGAR. I am, however, a grandfather now. So there’s that. A new song will be […]

GeekPop online treasure hunt

12 March 2010 grant b 0

So GeekPop ’10 has started, and they’re kicking things off with an online treasure hunt. Prizes include hula hoops, giant bubble-making kits and vouchers for […]

A GoST steampunk cameo.

29 January 2010 grant b 0

I’ve just received word that the Guild of Scientific Troubadours has a brief walk-in part in the latest novel being drafted by this fine author. […]

No song today…

24 January 2010 grant b 0

Between playing on Wednesday and moving into a new house, there hasn’t been any time for writing and recording – so the 23rd will go […]

Song delay….

23 June 2009 grant b 0

Yes, it’s the 23rd. There should be a new song here. There isn’t. You, oh faithful readers, will have a scientific song rather soon. And […]