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Science Art: <i>Fig 114 – July normal sea-level pressure, Southern Hemisphere</i>.

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Making the invisible visible – the air over the South Pole, Australia, Tierra del Fuego, Cape Town and beyond.

From General Meteorology (Published Formerly Under The Title Synoptic and Aeronautical Meteorology), 1944, by Horace Robert Byers, Sc.D. The first printing seems to have been in 1937, and the maps have a marvelous […]

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Science Art: <i>Age of Oceanic Crust</i>, NOAA, modified by Rapture2018.

This is how the the gooey inside becomes the crusty outside… oozing up from rifts.

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Science Art: <i>Fig 2: Lateral views of the skull and lower jaw… (etc.)</i>

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My son and I just spent the afternoon watching the charming Your Inner Fish series (his idea, not mine), and learned all kinds of fascinating things about the importance of jaws. They’re where our ears come from. Well, our sensitive, mammalian ears.

And that transformation started with critters like these – […]

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SONG: “High Desert.” [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “All Dressed Up For Mars And Nowhere To Go“, Medium, 9 November 2014, as used in the post “Red Planet dreams: what it takes to sign up for a one-way mission….”

ABSTRACT: This is one of those songs where […]

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Science Art: <i>Text-fig. 5. – Model of electron paths</i>, 1946

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It looks like a wrought-iron finial for a curtain rod. It’s actually a demonstration of how electrons can be used as a lens – how an electron microscope make such small things visible.

Found in Introduction to the Electron Microscope by F.E.J. Ockenden, 1946.

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Science Art: <i>#11268</i> (Small, Unidentified Insect On the Exoskeletal Surface Of A Dragonfly)

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This is a strange bug from PHIL, the CDC’s Public Health Image Library. Not the kind of bug the CDC usually deals with… it’s an unidentified insect found, mysteriously enough, on the outside of an unidentified dragonfly. Sticking to an antenna, in fact.

As PHIL says, Though this arthropod was found […]

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Science Art: Hydrarchos Sillimanni, from <i>The great sea-serpent</i>, by A. C. Oudemans, 1892.

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Quoting here from Oudemans’ book:

In 1845 Dr. Albert C. Koch, “exhibited a large skeleton of a fossil animal, under the name of Hydrarchos Sillimanni in Broadway, New York, purporting to be that of an extinct marine serpent. These remains consisted of a head and vertebral column, measuring in all 114 […]

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Science Art: <i>Submarine Reactor</i>, by Webber, 2007.

How the submarine goes.

Found on Wikimedia Commons.

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Science Art: <i>STS 110 Insignia</i>, NASA

This was the insignia of the astronauts who built the ISS. Or a big part of it, anyway.

STS 110 was the name of the mission, the 110th flight of the Space Shuttle, or Space Transportation System.

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