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Science Art: Tadarida teniotis Rafinesque.

This is a bat from Tajikstan. According to the 2002 State of the Environment Report, it’s a rare bat. The European free-tailed bat.

No, he doesn’t look very free in that image. Looks a little oppressed, to tell the truth.

Follow your tail, rare, worried bat.

Be free.

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As the U.S. Geological Survey puts it:

This video was edited and compiled from raw footage recorded by a camera equipped radio collar that was put on a female polar bear in the Beaufort Sea during April 2014 by the US Geological Survey. The video, which is the first ever from a free-ranging polar [...]

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SONG: “Colonies.” (To download: double right-click & “Save As”)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Bees build mental maps to get home”, Nature, 2 Jun 2014, as used in the post “Bees know their way. As in they *know*. They remember.”

ABSTRACT: Bees. I’d been keeping them for the past few months (like [...]

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Science Art: <i>Peppergrass</i>, by Zoe Keller

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I love peppergrass. This is a great illustration of the middle part of the plant – there are actually some narrow, spiky-looking leaves that are even tastier. (I am not alone in this. The roots can apparently be used like the plant’s cousin, horseradish.)

Discovering peppergrass was probably one of the best [...]

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Science Art: <i>NASA Satellites [Earth Science Research Spacecraft]</i>

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Look! Look at all the birds!

I honestly can’t find where this image came from originally, but it pops up just about everywhere researchers partner with NASA to do atmospheric research.

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Science Art: <i>“Dolerite” Dyke Traversing “Desert Sandstone”</i>, 1872.

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From the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, volume 28.

It’s a dyke, a rock formation between two layers of Australian rock like jam in a sandwich.

This seems like a great place to find fossils or “vein-stones,” but the London geologists said, “No. No, it isn’t.”

It’s just

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Science Art: <i>Compound flower with pollen no scale bar</i>, by Philippa Uwins

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Here, have a flower.

Up close. Colored in photoshop.

Found in the Wikimedia Commons.

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Science Art: <i>Linear Motor Velocity Detection Apparatus</i>, by James L. Johnson and Harold C. Stephens, 1969

From IBM’s patent 3470399, a device to tell how fast an electric motor is running by detecting its magnetic field.

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SONG: “Something Missing.” (To download: double right-click & “Save As”)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Man prefers $50 3-D printed hand to $42,000 prosthetic”, Washington Post, 23 April 2014, as used in the post “A $50 home-printed hand beats a $42,000 prosthetic.”.

ABSTRACT: Sometimes the words all fall into place. Sometimes they [...]

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