In the Spirit of Ham.

16 April 2008 grant b 0

BBC reports on a Russia’s new generation of space monkeys being trained for Mars: “People and monkeys have approximately identical sensitivity to small and large […]

Cellphone Planet.

15 April 2008 grant b 0

New York Times gives us a new (well, new-ish) perspective on cellular phones – as a revolutionary technology for eliminating global poverty.. or for making […]

The Boy-Crab Boogie.

14 April 2008 grant b 0

New Scientist rocks like a crustacean with a new report on crab courtship dances: In the dense submarine thickets of seagrass that blue crabs (Callinectes […]

The Creativity Disease.

11 April 2008 grant b 0

New York Times profiles a bizarre ailment that has me wondering how one could contract it halfway. It’s a syndrome that causes uncontrolled creativity: In […]

Grow Your Own Teeth.

8 April 2008 grant b 0

Wired opens wide and spits out a story on a dental breakthrough. If you happen to have lost any of your teeth (ahem), you don’t […]

Big Brains? So What.

4 April 2008 grant b 0

Discover reviews a new book that proves Devo was right – big brains aren’t an evolutionary advantage. The book, called Big Brains, looks at the […]