Science Art: Denisova Phalanx distalis

Replica of a Denisovan finger bone fragment, originally found in Denisova Cave in 2008, at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium.

A finger-bone from the other archaic humans – besides Neanderthals, there were Denisovans. And one of the fragments we know them from looked like this, found in a cave in what’s now Russia.

We put our own past together like a puzzle.

From the image’s page on Wikimedia Commons:

Replica of a Denisovan finger bone fragment, originally found in Denisova Cave in 2008, at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium.

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SONG: The Ring I Made For You (A Time-Crystal Canon)

SONG:The Ring I Made For You (A Time-Crystal Canon).”

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE:The quest to crystallize time,” Nature, 8 Mar 2017, as used in the post “
‘It’s still fricking weird’: Physicist on the creation of time crystals.

First, any story that has writers unabashedly citing Doctor Who and physicists using the phrase “fricking weird” on the record – that’s a story worth a song. And then, you know, a quantum-sized perpetual-motion machine that’s made of dirty diamonds t…

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Science Art: Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov, Voskhod 1, 4-kopek stamp, 1964

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This is Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov (or call-sign “Ruby”), the first man to die in space. He’d been denied admission to the space program twice on medical grounds, and then helped design spacecraft and train astronauts before being given command of the Soyuz 1 lunar project… and died on a practice run, when the capsule’s parachute failed to deploy on re-entry. That was three years after this stamp was issued.

The wild part: he knew the thing was doomed. He’d tried to …

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Science Art: Longitudinal Section of "Star" Class Four-Cylinder 4-6-0, by AJ Creswell, 1963.

A train! From
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A train! A big ol’ train!

This image is one of many found in H.A.V. Bulleid’s Master Builders of Steam, a book about those big ol’ engines moving big ol’ loads with a heck of a lot of speed. Comparatively.

From the Preface: The author of this book, given an advantageous view-point (and using it, as a practical engineer should), has told us that these data and anecdotes and reminiscences have at least some value in illuminating the humanistic art of engineering. We ag…

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Science Art: Saturated Hydro-Carbon, by B.E. Pike, 1947

From The Wonderland of Science. A children’s book. From 1947.

This is what little kids were reading then.

Not that our culture is in decline or anything.

(The cover is brilliant, too.)

[via nemfrog]

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Science Art: Dinner in the Mould of the Iguanodon, by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, 1854.


A paleontological dinner party, as drawn by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, the sculptor who also made the dining accommodations – an Iguanodon. Nowadays, we know (or think we know) that Iguanodons look different than that: they stood up more like chickens than iguanas, and the spiky bits were on their thumbs, not their noses.

I found the image at Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, but I saw it first thanks to the Linda Hall Library, which printed the following description:

[H]e is be…

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My Mechanical Mom

28 July 2007 grant b 0

From New Scientist comes news of the womb-on-a-chip: Fujii’s team has created a “lab on a chip” that is 2 millimetres across and 0.5 millimetres […]

The Amygdaloids

26 July 2007 grant b 0

From Salon comes assurance that we are not alone: All right, the occasion wasn’t a concert but a graduation ceremony for 10,000 students in the […]

Pleasure and placebo

25 July 2007 grant b 0

Nature plumbs the depths of one of the most mysterious processes in medicine. Researchers have found that the placebo effect – when “fake” medicine creates […]

The Noble Bonobo

25 July 2007 grant b 0

The New Yorker, of all publications, has a fascinating Ian Parker article on the natural history of the bonobo – the sexy primate that’s supposed […]

Ice Volcanoes of Charon!

24 July 2007 grant b 0

Nature brings new observations of Ice Volcanoes in Outer Space. Cook speculates that liquid water deep within Charon’s core is mixed with ammonia, which acts […]

SONG: A World Without Us.

23 July 2007 grant b 3

SONG: “A World Without Us” [Download] (To download: right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. I’m the guy who put this questionable site up on the […]

Schizophrenia in Paradise

19 July 2007 grant b 0

Science News reports on Trouble in Paradise – how feelings of “social defeat” could be responsible for triggering schizophrenia, which might explain why the otherwise […]

Weather in China

16 July 2007 grant b 0

On the one hand: China had more wars in cold weather Most of the armed conflicts in eastern China over the past 1,000 years were […]