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Science Art: <i>Variation of the Electron Density with Altitude in the Venusian Ionosphere</i>, 1975.

A look at the solar wind – charged particles whipping off our nearest star – and what they do to the second planet out, Venus.

From a NASA technical document, a translation of a Russian overview of observatons from Venus probes. “Hey guys!” it starts. “Not so hospitable down there as we thought!”

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Fusion has the details on the growing community of DNA uploaders:

Members of openSNP upload their genes along with things like their sex, age, eye color, location, Fitbit data and medical history — for anyone to see and analyze. The record lives on forever, in an open-source database, so the detailed warning on its […]

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Nature reports on a British legal ruling that’s a world-first, a step toward allowing medical scientists to create “three-parent” embryos:

This technique, known as mitochondrial replacement or three-person in vitro fertilization, aims to prevent women passing on harmful mutations in their mitochondria, the cell’s energy-producing structures. An estimated 1 in 5,000 children are born […]

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Live Science describes a new sort of prehistoric monster – a bull-sized rodent with elephant-like tusks:

An amateur paleontologist first unearthed the skull of an extinct rodent, Josephoartigasia monesi, from a boulder on a beach in Uruguay. The stunningly well-preserved skull was about 20 inches (51 centimeters) long, suggesting the rodent could grow to 2,200 […]

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Science Art: <i>Plate 3.  Compare this medical high frequency apparatus…</i>

A bygone medical device, as preserved on the Public Domain Review’s selections from High Frequency Electric Currents in Medicine and Dentistry by Samuel Howard Monell, a 1910 treatise on how to use electricity to solve various conditions. Including, um, hysteria. There are one or two NSFW photographs to that effect in the collection.

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CNTV reports on the discovery of Yuan Dynasty artwork – a trove of murals from the time when the Khans ruled:

The tomb was discovered last year when a heavy downpour washed away the top stone. After excavation work by archaeologists, the remarkable appearance of the murals are now revealed for the public’s pleasure.

The tomb […]

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Or, Live Science kinda sorta points out, it might not. But the thing sold as a “garden ornament” is certainly ancient and mysterious:

The hefty carving was up for sale as a garden ornament when archaeologist and TV presenter James Balme found it. The carving, which was very dirty, may have been plowed up many […]

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That’s what Nature is expecting to see, in its overview of the world of autonomous vehicles:

This summer, people will cruise through the streets of Greenwich, UK, in electric shuttles with no one’s hands on the steering wheel — or any steering wheel at all.

The £8-million (US$12-million) project, part of a larger study of […]

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