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Nature tries not to be *too* foreboding about the dark times ahead for Philae:

The Philae lander’s drill is now working, but the craft’s batteries — designed to power just 2.5 days of operations — are running low, Rosetta mission scientists said at a briefing today (14 November). Thus the craft, which landed on […]

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Instead of following the usual format today (find story, write lead, post an excerpt), I thought I’d do something a little different. The big story this week is about Philae, the little robot that ESA’s Rosetta probe just landed on Comet 67P.

The best place to find out the freshest news is the European […]

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Nature takes a second look at the neurology of feeling a presence right next to you:

Some people with relatively rare types of brain injury also experience this ‘feeling of a presence’. A study involving a dozen such patients, published today in Current Biology, suggests that the eerie feeling may arise when a person’s brain […]

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Medium takes a long look at the Mars One company, which has assembled 200,000 volunteers for a Mars mission that doesn’t yet exist:

Despite not being a space-faring agency, it claims that by 2025 it will send four colonists to the planet. Ultimately, it says, there will be at least six groups of four, […]

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IFL Science takes another look (courtesy of ISI Foundation researchers) at magic mushroom trips, and finds some surprises in what exactly psilocybin mushrooms do to your brain:

Prior studies have found that that getting high on psilocybin doesn’t just create a colorful, psychedelic experience for a couple of hours; it can cause […]

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Science Art: Hydrarchos Sillimanni, from <i>The great sea-serpent</i>, by A. C. Oudemans, 1892.

Click to embiggen vastly

Quoting here from Oudemans’ book:

In 1845 Dr. Albert C. Koch, “exhibited a large skeleton of a fossil animal, under the name of Hydrarchos Sillimanni in Broadway, New York, purporting to be that of an extinct marine serpent. These remains consisted of a head and vertebral column, measuring in all 114 […]

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New Scientist has more on WWI germ that can survive all kinds of modern medicines:

Ernest Cable was a British soldier who died in 1915 from dysentery caught in the trenches of northern France during the first world war. Even if penicillin had been available to treat him, he would still have died because the […]

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Yes, New Scientist comes up with another headline you just can’t beat:

Congratulations testicles, you make more unique proteins than any other tissue in the body.

The proteins in our cells and tissues are responsible for everything from repair and maintenance to the production of signalling chemicals. You might expect that the brain, being our […]

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Science Daily reports on a bug that’ll be keeping some public health officials up nights:

The global initiative to eradicate poliomyelitis through routine vaccination has helped reduce the number of cases by more than 99% in 30 years, from an estimated 350,000 cases in 1988 to 650 reported cases in 2011. However, major epidemics […]

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