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Scientific American takes a moment, after all the hubbub last week, to think over what the success of the Orion launch means for NASA and the future of human spaceflight:

“We haven’t had this feeling in a while, since the end of the shuttle program,” Orion flight director Mike Sarafin of the Johnson Space […]

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New Scientist turns our human expectations upside down once in the world of fiddler crabs. They seem musical (thus the name, after all), and they use that rhythm to win mates. But on closer inspection, the better they dance, the less of a catch they are for the opposite sex:

In the cut-throat world […]

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Science Art: <i>Age of Oceanic Crust</i>, NOAA, modified by Rapture2018.

This is how the the gooey inside becomes the crusty outside… oozing up from rifts.

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The Economist is following Stanford researchers who are (literally) making some really cool stuff:

Fully 15% of the electricity used by buildings in the United States is devoted to [air conditioning]. If an idea dreamed up by Aaswath Raman of Stanford University and his colleagues comes to fruition, that may change. Dr Raman has […]

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Nature celebrates more wonders – potential ones, from flexible armor to affordable fuel cells – that we can make from graphene:

Protons’ ability to travel through graphene suggests that the material could be used as a membrane to sieve hydrogen from air, and to help extract energy from that hydrogen in a fuel cell, says […]

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Science News breaks some scary news to the fungus-phobic and those of us living in old buildings or moist climates. Researchers at CUNY have discovered exactly *how* household mold is bad for your brain:

Cheryl Harding, a psychologist at the City University of New York, and colleagues dripped low doses of spores from the toxic […]

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Business Insider, among other sources, has a neat piece on an even neater app that lets you talk to someone on the ISS:

talian astronaut Samantha Cristoferetti is currently aboard the International Space Station, orbiting Earth at more than 16,000 miles per hour.

Ten years ago, it would have been impossible for Cristoferetti to regularly […]

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Science Art: <i>Fig 2: Lateral views of the skull and lower jaw… (etc.)</i>

Click to embiggen

My son and I just spent the afternoon watching the charming Your Inner Fish series (his idea, not mine), and learned all kinds of fascinating things about the importance of jaws. They’re where our ears come from. Well, our sensitive, mammalian ears.

And that transformation started with critters like these – […]

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If you’ve got a sister, why not turn her into a musical instrument?

Human Theremin from Lucy Sansom on Vimeo.

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