Science Art: The many faces of the Sun from Solar Orbiter’s EUI and PHI instruments, 2020

Scientific illustrations of the sun from the European Space Agency's Solar Observer missionClick to embiggen
It’s my mother’s birthday today. Here, nine glorious suns for a Leo.

They were photographed by the European Space Agency’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) (across the top and the right column) and Polarimetric and Helioseismic Imager (PHI), which detects magnetic activity. You can read more about them here.

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Science Art: Phases of the Moon, 1844.

Scientific illustration of phases of the moon, from Six Thousand Years Ago: or, the Works of Creation illustratedClick to embiggen

The moon is a body in space that reflects the light of our sun back at us. Which might sound a little weird to say, but this picture does make it all a little easier to grasp.

It’s from Six Thousand Years Ago: or, the Works of Creation Illustrated, a book digitized by the British Library. I found it in their Flickr gallery.

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Science Art: A section through the cochlea in the line of its axis, 1910.

Scientific illustration of the cochlea - the inner ear.Click to embiggen

An inner ear, dear, from The human body; an account of its structure and activities and the conditions of its healthy working, by the Martins: H. Newell and Ernest Gale. Their physiology guide can be found in the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

That chamber is where sounds get turned into nerve impulses.

H. Newell Martin was a young genius and distinguished physiologist – the first physiology professor at Johns Hopkins, and one of the first five full professors appoint…

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Science Art: Mechanische Maschinen und Automaten 49, from Bellicorum instrumentorum liber cum ..., 1420-1430

This is something I first assumed was a very early typewriter or printing press, from the Bavarian State Library’s copy of Bellicorum instrumentorum liber cum figuris et fictitys litoris conscriptus, a collection of war machines, proto-robots and siege engines, fountains and pumps, lifting and transporting machines, defensive towers, dredges, combination locks, battering rams, a “rocket-powered” craft, the first ever depiction of the magic lantern, scaling ladders, alchemical furnaces, cloc…

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Science Art: From Here, a number of broken gifts for the carpenters and lovers...., by Lorenz Stöer, 1567.

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The title here is the best I could render from the middle German “Hier Inn etliche zerbrochne Gebew, den Schreinern in eingelegter Arbeit dienstlich, auch vil andern Liebhabern zu sondern gefallen geordnet unnd gestelt.” This is the German title of a book better known as Geometria et Perspectiva.

It’s a book of geometric games done by an engraver, Lorenz Stöer. This is the 10th of 11 plates of what Public Domain Review calls “geometric landscapes,” though I discovered them…

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Robo-Dog Soldiers

2 August 2007 grant b 0

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The future is now.

31 July 2007 grant b 0

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The 62-mile-high club

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My Mechanical Mom

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The Amygdaloids

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Pleasure and placebo

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The Noble Bonobo

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Ice Volcanoes of Charon!

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Nature brings new observations of Ice Volcanoes in Outer Space. Cook speculates that liquid water deep within Charon’s core is mixed with ammonia, which acts […]

SONG: A World Without Us.

23 July 2007 grant b 3

SONG: “A World Without Us” [Download] (To download: right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. I’m the guy who put this questionable site up on the […]

Schizophrenia in Paradise

19 July 2007 grant b 0

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