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Science Art: <i>Plate 3.  Compare this medical high frequency apparatus…</i>

A bygone medical device, as preserved on the Public Domain Review’s selections from High Frequency Electric Currents in Medicine and Dentistry by Samuel Howard Monell, a 1910 treatise on how to use electricity to solve various conditions. Including, um, hysteria. There are one or two NSFW photographs to that effect in the collection.

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CNTV reports on the discovery of Yuan Dynasty artwork – a trove of murals from the time when the Khans ruled:

The tomb was discovered last year when a heavy downpour washed away the top stone. After excavation work by archaeologists, the remarkable appearance of the murals are now revealed for the public’s pleasure.

The tomb […]

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Or, Live Science kinda sorta points out, it might not. But the thing sold as a “garden ornament” is certainly ancient and mysterious:

The hefty carving was up for sale as a garden ornament when archaeologist and TV presenter James Balme found it. The carving, which was very dirty, may have been plowed up many […]

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That’s what Nature is expecting to see, in its overview of the world of autonomous vehicles:

This summer, people will cruise through the streets of Greenwich, UK, in electric shuttles with no one’s hands on the steering wheel — or any steering wheel at all.

The £8-million (US$12-million) project, part of a larger study of […]

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Discovery News gets all excited by NASA-JPL’s announcement that they’re budgeting for a robotic mission to seek life on Jupiter’s moon Europa:

In response to this news, and after 15 years exploring Europa mission concepts, JPL senior research scientist Robert Pappalardo said that most mission concepts have either been too small, too big or […]

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Popular Science looks at the hard facts behind decriminalization and legalization (two different things!) of marijuana – and what science says happens when cannabis consumption is no longer a major crime:

What happens to states that decriminalize marijuana?
The best-known consequence to decriminalizing marijuana: The criminal-justice system saves money and resources. We’ve seen strong scientific […]

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Science Art: <i>Uterus En Etat De Gestation</i> by Jacques Marie Cyprien Victor Coste

Click to embiggen

This one is definitely worth clicking to embiggen. It’s from the very detailed, very large Histoire générale et particulière du développement des corps organisés by 19th-century embryologist Jacques Marie Cyprien Victor Coste, and there’s a little, tiny baby right in the middle of it. Apparently, Coste spends most of the book comparing […]

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Siberian Times, the paper of record for the taiga, reports on the first successful reconstruction of ancient brain surgery:

Neurosurgeons have been working with anthropologists and archaeologists over the past year following the discovery of holes in the skulls of three ancient sets of remains in the Altai Mountains.

Evidence at the time suggested […]

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Can’t beat NBC’s headline for this: Insects Wear Tiny Spacesuits, for Science:

Scanning electron microscopes (SEM) provide incredibly detailed images of biological specimens, but the instruments have not been able to image living organisms because of the powerful vacuum environment required.

But now, a team of researchers has developed a way to image mosquitoes and other […]

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