Science Art: GFS Model Forecasts Moisture over the Atlantic, Aug 2016

from the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory:
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You’d think after the week I’ve had, I’d be sick of looking at meteorological imagery. But no. This stuff is beautiful, and meaningful, and sometimes saves lives.

This particular satellite composite image is from August, assembled from data from the GFS (Global Forecast System) – which also happens to be one of the more accurate predictors of hurricane tracks. This picture, though, shows a likelihood of rain due to the moisture content of the air over the ocean – the “pre…

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Science Art: Aneroiddose für die Luftdruckkompensation des Pendels, by Sigmund Riefler

Aneroiddose für die Luftdruckkompensation des Pendels,
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Sigmund Riefler was a physicist and precision clockmaker. He also created this, a precision barometer, or, rather, a barometer connected to a precision clock.

The clock mechanism compensates for changes in air pressure. This way, a bad storm won’t throw off your pendel – pendulum-driven timepiece – by a half-second or so.

Those half-seconds add up.

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Science Art: Oreille schematique, from Identification anthropométrique : instructions signalétiques, 1893.

L0035101 Schematic ear Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Schematic ear: Oreille schematique. Bordure A B C D E decomposee en partie Originelle A B, Superieure B C, Posterieure C D et inferieure D E. Lobule E F G H considere sous le rapport dy contour E F, de l'adherence a la joue F H, du modele G et de sa Dimension. Antitragus H I examine au point de vue de son inclinasion, de son profil, de son degre de renversement et de sa Dimension. Plis internes separes en branches inferieure J K, superieure K L, et mediane K M Identification anthropométrique : instructions signalétiques  Alphonse Bertillon Published: 1893 Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0
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The book Identification anthropométrique : instructions signalétiques is Alphonse Bertillon‘s guide for identifying criminal suspects.

These ear dimensions were one way you could make SUPER sure you got your man, and not somebody with similar features but totally the wrong ears.

At the time, the science was called anthropometry, and it was the ancestor to the biometrics used by surveillance computers to spot, for instance, specific faces on a crowded street.

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SONG: Gaia (1,000 Times)

SONG: “Gaia (1,000 Times)”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE:Milky Way mapper: 6 ways the Gaia spacecraft will change astronomy,” Nature, 09 Sep 2016, as used in the post “That’s a big map.”

ABSTRACT: Writing this song was fun; recording it was a nightmare. Linux, you have not yet defeated me… but almost. Somehow, installing a desktop publishing program a couple days ago (I think this is the culprit) knocked out some kind of relationship that the previous drivers had with the soundcard in…

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Science Art: Hyastenus convexus, from Report on the zoological collections made in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during the voyage of H.M.S. 'Alert' 1881-2.

Report on the zoological collections made in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during the voyage of H.M.S. 'Alert' 1881-2. London :Printed by order of the Trustees,1884. to embiggen

Big picture, small crab.

They crawl around the sea in Japan, Australia, Borneo and the Horn of Africa.

This one was drawn in the 1880s (like one of those French girls) aboard the H.M.S. Alert, and preserved in the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

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Science Art: Orbital Balloon Repair (?), by Philip Bono


In 1960, we started planning to send rockets to Mars… and Philip Bono, a Boeing engineer and designer, started figuring out how they’d work, and how they’d look while they were working.

I’m not sure exactly how this image relates to that project, but here it is in SDASM’s Philip Bono Collection.

As far as I can tell, this is a space-suited repairman working on a balloon that’s leaking at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps it’s meant as a fueling station (Bono’s big idea was re…

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Ptiny Pterosaurs

1 September 2016 grant 0

Nature introduces a little guy who’s upending the way we think about the age of dinosaurs… a time when pterosaurs ruled the skies with 10-meter […]

SONG: Turn Me Back

24 August 2016 grant 0

SONG: “Turn Me Back”. [Download] ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: “CRISPR’s hopeful monsters: gene-editing storms evo-devo labs,” Nature, 17 Aug 2016, as used in the post “Prepare […]

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