Science Art: RCA Lunar Communications by James Burns

You can find this telecommunications image at this NASA archive: to embiggen

Phoning home from the next world over.

This is how it looked half a century ago.

You can find more James Burns illustrations for the Apollo mission here.

[via Humanoid History]

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Science Art: A Plunge into Space, book cover, 1890.

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This is the cover of an early science fiction hit, Robert Cromie’s A Plunge into Space, which was in print from 1890 to 1910. It’s about a scientist, Henry Barnett, who…

…discovered the origina and essence of that law which, before me, never man did ought but name, or, at best, did but chronicle its known effects – the law which makes that universe of worlds a grand well-ordered army instead of helpless mob of mutually destroying forces; when I tell you that within this…

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Science Art: Helicodiceros crinitus Schott by J. Strohmayer / Anstalt v. Reiffenstein & Rösch in Wein.

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An image of an arum, from the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s Aroideae, 1 album, consisting of plates from Heinrich Wilhelm Schott’s Aroideae. The artist credit here, Reiffenstein & Rösch, is actually the name of an Austrian lithograph firm. Interesting to think of a society with a corporation for creating art like this. J. Strohmayer seems to have been the actual artist.

The flower is nowadays called a Helicodiceros muscivoros, and is better known as the dead horse arum …

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Science Art: Drawing of proposed Pig Capsule, Little Joe first shot

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NASA serves the ham in a tray.

“Little Joe” was a test rocket named for a kind of craps roll – because getting the rocket together was as unlikely as having both dice come up twos. The four-engine rocket cost only $200,000 (compared to the $2.5 million an Atlas booster cost) and conducted America’s very first unmanned space mission (after an embarrassing misfire during the initial countdown). This was when NASA was a new idea, before there was a Johnson Space Center or K…

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Science Art: Tiny planets....

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Something appropriate for the season and, maybe, for Comet Wirtanen… from nemfrog:

Tiny planets, visitors from other worlds, become white-hot and are seen as falling stars.

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SONG: Forgotten

SONG: “Forgotten”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Nature, 13 Dec. 2018, “‘Transmissible’ Alzheimer’s theory gains traction “, as used in the post “Alzheimer’s can be transmitted person-to-person. (Surgically, that is.)”.

A lot of the songs I do here feel like demos to me – that is, basically finished as songs, maybe suggesting things about next-draft recordings but essentially, they’d be the same thing with slightly shinier finish and smoother edges. This one feels a little like th…

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Science Art: Atom Nucleon

25 November 2018 grant 0

“Atom” used to be the indivisible unit of matter, the thing smaller than which it was impossible to go. Now we know there are things […]

SONG: Quantum Biology

24 November 2018 grant 0

SONG: “Quantum Biology” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Scientific American, Vol. 27, Dec. 2018, “’Schrödinger’s Bacterium’ Could Be a Quantum Biology Milestone”, as used in […]