SONG: Vulnerable Ape Theory (Going to a Blues Show with the Young Earth Creationists)

SONG: “Vulnerable Ape Theory (Going to a Blues Show with the Young Earth Creationists)”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE:Based on “Vulnerability made us human: how our early ancestors turned disability into advantage”, PhysOrg, 15 June 2015, as used in the post “The Vulnerable Ape theory of human origins.

ABSTRACT: This is the late song. I had the chorus on time, but no verses. Will these do? They have mutations and selection in them.

This is a song about tolerating people who are wrong an…

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Science Art: Fig. XLIII. Hydromylos, sive aquaria mola, 1662.

Style: "1752367"

This is a waterwheel, from a book written by architect and engineer Georg Andreas Boeckler, under the title Theatrum machinarum novum : exhibens opera molaria et aquatica constructum industria Georgi Andrea Böckleri… and so on. (The title page doesn’t have a lot of white space on it.)

For the Renaissance, this is pretty high tech – it turns running water into flour!

Boeckler built fountains. He had a thing for moving water… and moving things with water. His whole book of wonderfu…

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Science Art: Paper Wings, by Nicole Frost.

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These are paper sculptures of birds’ wings – four specific categories of birds’ wings. As explained by their creator:

This is my paper sculpture of the basic structural differences of the wing types in birds: High Lift, Elliptical, High Aspect/Soaring, and High Speed. Some of the most important differences were the inclusion of wing slots and the alula.

That’s a lot of little snips done just right.

I found this on Clip Its Wings Art (via Scientific Illustrati…

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Science Art: Beetle, magnified 26 diameters, 1871.

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This seems to be a minute beetle, as pictured in Objects for the microscope, being a popular description of the most instructive and beautiful subjects for exhibition by Louisa Lane Clarke.

Whether that’s a beetle that happens to be minute (as in small) or does something quickly, or if it’s one of a number of beetles called “minute something beetles” is unclear to me.

It’s quite lovely, though. This is a sample of a larger illustration. Nearby on the same page, you ca…

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Science Art: Comparison between Deinonychus and Velociraptor's feet, by Danny Cicchetti.

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File this, I guess, under “the problem with Jurassic Park.”

The little claw at the bottom belonged to the fearsome Velociraptor, a category of creatures most of whom were about the size of a house cat ( like so ). The big scary claw up top belongs to Deionychus, closer to the size of a German shepherd… or the super-scary dinosaurs in the movie ( like so ).

The really scary uncle of these guys was Utahraptor, just for the record. About the size of a small car… and…

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Science Art: LightSail by Josh Spradling / The Planetary Society

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This is the thing the last song was about, LightSail, which even now is orbiting Earth and probably (if it’s going as expected) accelerating. We’re not entirely sure how it’s going, though, because the software has run into a little problem.

Right now, they’re hoping a cosmic ray will reboot the onboard computer, which is apparently a thing that happens once you’re outside the atmosphere.

Oh, and as I’m typing this on Saturday night, it looks like that might have ju…

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