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Written By: grantb on November 14, 2011 No Comment

That’s how The Telegraph puts it. “Boffins” (a lovely word) helped the band Marconi Union design a song so relaxing, you shouldn’t put it on your car stereo:

Dr David Lewis-Hodgson, from Mindlab International, which conducted the research, said: “The results clearly show that the track induced the greatest relaxation – higher than any of the other music tested.

“Brain [...]

Written By: grantb on November 7, 2011 No Comment

Science explores why the noise of nails on a chalkboard is so awful:

As they will report next week at the Acoustical Society of America conference in San Diego, California, [Michael Oehler of the Macromedia University for Media and Communication in Cologne, Germany, and Christoph Reuter of the University of Vienna] found that a listener’s skin conductivity changed significantly [...]

Written By: grantb on August 15, 2011 No Comment

SONG: “Evert 1 Pipkin”.

ARTIST: grant. Originally by Man or Astro-Man?

SOURCE: This is a penitential cover. It’s not from any specific scientific study… although the original may have come from space. You can hear it here, or just buy the Made From Technetium album and be happy.

ABSTRACT: This song is brilliant and deserves [...]

Written By: grantb on September 16, 2010 No Comment

Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University are using music (and audio engineering) to treat pain and depression – by mapping out emotional terrain in pop songs:

Each volunteer listens to pieces of previously unheard contemporary popular music* and assigns each one a position on a graph. One axis measures the type of feeling (positivity or negativity) that the piece communicates; [...]

Written By: grantb on July 6, 2010 No Comment

The BBC has a simulation of the sound of the Higgs boson.

That’s what the harmonics of the mass-bearing subatomic particle will sound like if one really does turn up at the Large Hadron Collider. That’s what matter sounded like when it was coming into being.

Written By: grantb on May 31, 2010 No Comment

Fixing the BBC’s headline here (and wife??) while celebrating a new, high frequency project by Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed, dog musicians:

US rock star Lou Reed and his artist wife Laurie Anderson are to stage a “high-frequency concert” for canines in Australia.

Music for Dogs, to be held outside the Sydney Opera House, is billed as “an inter-species social [...]

Written By: grantb on December 15, 2009 No Comment

Chasing the links for that Levitin interview yesterday, I found this call for volunteers in a musical experiment:

MacCullum’s computer program creates a randomly generated pair of “Adam and Eve” “songs”–brief loops of sound. They mutate, recombine and reproduce to form a base population of 100 descendants.

Participants act as the force of natural selection by listening to the songs and [...]

Written By: grantb on December 14, 2009 No Comment

Unlike all of the other selections cut-n-pasted here, this one I typed in by hand; that’s how much I wanted to share it. It’s from Tape Op, the free audio recordists’ magazine that you should already be reading. The Nov/Dec issue features a great interview with Dr. Daniel Levitin, a neurological researcher, musician and audio engineer who [...]

Written By: grantb on July 10, 2009 No Comment

About two months ago, the BBC tells us, Scottish researchers used computer models to bring a lost medieval instrument back to life:

Bach’s motet (a choral musical composition) “O Jesu Christ, meins lebens licht” was one of the last pieces of music written for the Lituus.

Now, for the first time, this 18th Century composition has been played as it [...]

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