Happy birthday, zeppelin!

14 March 2012 grant 0

Wired celebrates the anniversary of that very special day, March 14, 1899, when Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin got the U.S. patent for his design for […]

Riding airships into orbit.

7 November 2011 grant b 0

Discovery is looking up to a way to get satellites into orbit using balloons instead of rockets: …[T]he now-retired NASA space shuttle was the Hindenburg […]

Zeppelin reborn

6 August 2010 grant b 0

The Telegraph heralds the future fleet of mighty airships: Hybrid Air Vehicles has built a scale prototype of what will soon be the largest flying […]

Blimps build a better tomorrow.

2 July 2010 grant b 0

The Guardian buoys my spirits with a vision of low-pollution, lighter-than-air travel: The government’s former chief scientific adviser, Professor Sir David King, now director of […]