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Written By: grant on November 9, 2013 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Panties with uterus print</i> by KnickerRocker (Nichola).

From Etsy. Scientific illustration has profound effects on some people. It surfaces in the unlikeliest places.

The same lingerie-maker has some rather comely pelvis print panties… for those who’d like to go deeper.

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Science Art: <i>Table XXVI: The Circulatory System</i> by Giulio de’ Musi, c. 1565.

Click to embiggen.

A smugly skinless man from Bartholomeo Eustachi: Tabulae anatomicae, a series of engravings that were meant to be published in the 1560s, but were lost until 1714. In fact, the words (by Eustachi) were never found. (Oddly, these plates were published under Eustachi’s name, even though he didn’t engrave them and didn’t write the words [...]

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Science Art: <i>Hearts and Lungs</i> by Juan de Valverde, 1598

In which the dissector becomes the dissected as well, sternum reaching upward like a bird’s wings in flight.

From Wikimedia Commons.

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Written By: grant on July 2, 2013 No Comment

Nature draws an ancient lesson from America’s favorite pastime, observing how baseball pitchers reveal the evolution of human beings:

“Throwing projectiles probably enabled our ancestors to effectively and safely kill big game,” says Neil Roach, a biological anthropologist at George Washington University in Washington DC, who led the work. Eating more calorie-rich meat and fat would have helped early hominins’ [...]

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Bioscience Technology opens our eyes to the groundbreaking researchers who have discovered a whole new layer of the human cornea:

The new layer has been dubbed the Dua’s Layer after the academic Professor Harminder Dua [of the University of Nottingham], who made the discovery.

“This is a major discovery that will mean that ophthalmology textbooks will literally need to be re-written. [...]

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Written By: grant on April 14, 2013 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Neuroscience Dress Trippy Retina Print</i>, by Shenova

This eye-catching dress is based on retinal neurons as observed by Ferrucio Tartuferi in 1887. He put eyes under the microscope and looked at what could have been looking back at him.

The same designer has Rover Curiosity dresses and DNA leggings among other science-inspired fashion.

[via Laughing Squid]

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Written By: grant on December 23, 2012 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Leriche Syndrome Digital Subtraction Angiography</i> by Hellerhoff.

We’ve talked about digital subtraction angiography before… taking X-ray images and using a computer to remove everything you *don’t* want to see.

This image, of aortal blockage caused by Leriche Syndrome (the aorta is occluded near the kidneys, causing thigh pain, muscle atrophy, and impotence), was made by Wikimedia Commons user Hellerhoff, who has other images of [...]

Written By: grant on September 21, 2012 No Comment

Laboratory Equipment reveals how computers can now ID you by watching you walk:

he National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has developed a walking gait recognition system that, in combination with other tools, can help track an individual though a CCTV monitored area by analyzing the way that they walk.

New technology developed by NPL, the Centre for Advanced Software Technology (CAST), [...]

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