David was packing heat.

2 December 2010 grant b 0

Discovery takes a peek inside a famous statue’s hand to find Michelangelo’s lost weapon of war: “Bulging with veins, the right hand is holding what […]

Cookbook ecology

22 March 2010 grant b 0

“Trophic level” is a measure of how far up the food chain an animal is. It’s generally used in ecological studies to show how much […]

Oxytocin and roses….

9 March 2010 grant b 0

New Scientist recently got all romantic with an intrepid researcher’s chemical expose of her big fat geek wedding: WE’D booked the venue, chosen the bridesmaids’ […]

Walk, don’t crawl.

24 August 2009 grant b 0

Scientific American resets my priorities (or at least my metaphors) with anthropological research. You think in order to walk, you gotta crawl first? Not really: […]