Cookbook ecology

22 March 2010 grant b 0

“Trophic level” is a measure of how far up the food chain an animal is. It’s generally used in ecological studies to show how much […]

Oxytocin and roses….

9 March 2010 grant b 0

New Scientist recently got all romantic with an intrepid researcher’s chemical expose of her big fat geek wedding: WE’D booked the venue, chosen the bridesmaids’ […]

Walk, don’t crawl.

24 August 2009 grant b 0

Scientific American resets my priorities (or at least my metaphors) with anthropological research. You think in order to walk, you gotta crawl first? Not really: […]

Listen to the lituus.

10 July 2009 grant b 0

About two months ago, the BBC tells us, Scottish researchers used computer models to bring a lost medieval instrument back to life: Bach’s motet (a […]

Chimp tricks.

16 April 2009 grant b 0

LiveScience sullies our image of chimpanzees as noble, natural creatures with evidence that these apes practice prostitution: The primates’ food-for-sex barter occurs indirectly, over the […]


27 January 2009 grant b 0

PhysOrg reveals the high cost of gridlock. All that congestion blocks job growth as well as cars: A new UC Irvine study found that places […]

Spicy bugs.

15 August 2008 grant b 0

If you like your food a little spicy, might whet your appetite in a crawly kind of way… because hot peppers owe everything to […]

I no caveman? Unk!

14 August 2008 grant b 0

Wired burst bubble! Science-head say me no Neanderthal no how: Scientists who sequenced the mitochondrial DNA of a 38,000-year-old Neanderthal returned no evidence of ancestral […]

Mushrooms and meaning.

3 July 2008 grant b 0

Johns Hopkins researchers are getting profoundly trippy, PhysOrg reports, in a research project that found psychedelic mushrooms can have long-lasting spiritual effects: “Most of the […]