Neanderthal Heaven.

25 April 2011 grant b 0

Discovery News unveils the religious life of Neanderthals: The Neanderthals were found covered together with rocks burying their remains. The researchers believe it’s likely that […]

The jug or the loaf?

4 April 2011 grant b 0

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” is a question for paleontologists. Anthropologists ask a much more vexing question about bread and beer – […]

Sacred greenhouses.

22 March 2011 grant b 0

DiscoveryNews digs up evidence of American slaves holding religious rituals and conducting scientific research in the masters’ greenhouses: As they dug below a north-facing back […]

Blood. Sweat. Horses.

1 March 2011 grant b 1

Archaeology Daily closes in on the real story behind ancient China’s legendary blood-sweating horses: The bones of 80 horses unearthed from the mausoleum of a […]

Why thank you, Br’er Fox….

4 February 2011 grant b 0

Humans weren’t best friends with dogs first, says the Discoveryon blog. Archaeologists have found evidence that foxes may have been our pets first: Scientists analysing […]

An older testament.

13 April 2010 grant b 0

The Vancouver Sun unearths the story of a possible Assyrian source for the Hebrew covenant: The tablet, dating to about 670 BC, is a treaty […]