Trophy Heads of Nazca.

6 January 2009 grant b 0

The same mysterious civilization that left us the lines and inspirational giant pyramids also left puzzling piles of human heads… and reports that the […]

A 2,000-Year-Old Brain

17 December 2008 grant b 0

Archaeologists found a surprise inside the severed skull of a man who lived in Britain before the Romans came. As PhysOrg reports, it had Britain’s […]

Ancient High.

1 December 2008 grant b 0

Dude. Cannabis researchers in China have found world’s oldest stash: CBC reports: Researchers say they have located the world’s oldest stash of marijuana, in a […]

The Grave of the Priestess

21 November 2008 grant b 0

LiveScience is calling her a “shaman,” but since the 12,000-year-old grave is in Israel, not Siberia, that’s probably not exactly the right term. But whatever […]

Robinson Crusoe Found.

31 October 2008 grant b 0

Yes, the plucky, inventive island castaway Robinson Crusoe was a fictional character. But author Robert Louis Stevenson, writing in the mid-1800s, based him on the […]

The Mummies of Lima.

22 September 2008 grant b 0

This summer, archaeologists discovered three bodies that had been ritually preserved 1,300 years ago in what is now the capital city of Peru. PhysOrg describes […]

The Lost World.

13 August 2008 grant b 0

National Geographic takes us to a lost world, hidden under Antarctic ice for 14 million years: Researchers found the freeze-dried remains of mosses, algae, small […]

The Olympic Computer.

1 August 2008 grant b 0

The New York Times shares an interesting theory about the Antikythera Mechanism, the ancient clockwork computer recovered from the Mediterranean. Instead of being some kind […]