Apollo’s Hydromancer

9 June 2016 grant 0

Ha’aretz reports on the oldest oracle to Apollo found in Athens – a place where a sacred seer drew water from a well to divine […]

…or maybe not.

10 May 2016 grant 0

From the Facebook desk of archaeologist Katie Rask (seconded by others) comes the following correction: From the world renowned Maya specialist and Linda Schele Professor […]

SONG: “Meat Man”

24 April 2016 grant 0

SONG: “Meat Man”. [Download] ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: “High-Protein Diet May Have Shaped Neanderthals,” Archaeology, 30 March 2016, as used in the post Protein Diet Shaped […]

Protein Diet Shaped Neanderthals

4 April 2016 grant 0

Archaeology thinks a paleo-version of the Atkins Diet made Neanderthals squat and wide-bodied: “During harsh Ice-Age winters, carbohydrates were scarce and fat was in limited […]