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Written By: grant on June 30, 2014 No Comment

OK, maybe “spilling” is a little imprecise, but Scientific American has the details on how to use a blood plasma extract to clean E. coli out of drinking water:

The elegant method, devised by Teruyuki Komatsu and co-workers at Chuo University, Tokyo, begins by depositing microtubes made from alternating layers of human serum albumin [...]

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Written By: grant on April 15, 2014 No Comment

Science Daily has the skinny on how we might wind up using fast-growing, high-density tobacco to save the planet from global warming – by creating bioethanol:

In the course of the research, which has been echoed by the journal Molecular Breeding, tobacco plants of the Virginia Gold and Havana commercial cultivars have been grown. The [...]

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Written By: grant on February 14, 2014 No Comment

New Scientist examines the biochemical roots of the emotion we call “love” – and the chemicals we could take to reverse the symptoms:

…[E]thics aside, what could a cure for love look like?

First things first: what is love? For Shakespeare, it “is an ever-fixed mark, that looks on tempests and is never shaken”. For [...]

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Written By: grant on February 3, 2014 No Comment

Nature‘s sharing a recipe to make your own stem cells from scratch – by reprogramming ordinary cells in an acid bath:

In 2006, Japanese researchers reported1 a technique for creating cells that have the embryonic ability to turn into almost any cell type in the mammalian body — the now-famous induced pluripotent stem (iPS) [...]

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Written By: grant on January 30, 2014 No Comment

Energy Post calls it “the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH EVER!” That seems a bit much, but it is interesting that a Boeing-sponsored group in Abu Dhabi has figured out how to make super-clean, super-cheap oil from salt-tolerant desert plants:

What researchers at the Masdar Institute have been studying is a category of plants called halophytes. These [...]

Written By: grant on August 5, 2013 No Comment

AP (via Yahoo!) has the first reactions to meat grown in a petri dish rather than on a farm:

Two volunteers who participated in the first public frying of hamburger grown in a lab said Monday that it had the texture of meat but was short of flavor because of the lack of fat.

Mark [...]

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Written By: grant on February 27, 2013 No Comment

Reddit’s just had a Q&A with the CEO of a company dedicated to 3D printing edible meat:

At Modern Meadow we’re developing technology to 3D-bioprint meat and leather. In fact, we’ve already made some, which you can see my co-founder and father eat in his TED talk here (at 5:33).

Why are we doing [...]

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Written By: grant on January 15, 2013 No Comment

Laboratory Equipment goes all comic book superhero with a medical story on researchers taking the power of regeneration from tadpole tails:

For several years Prof. Enrique Amaya and his team at The Healing Foundation Centre in the Faculty of Life Sciences have been trying to better understand the regeneration process, in the hope of [...]

Written By: grant on December 31, 2012 No Comment

Well, maybe not *directly*… but Science Daily explains how scientists are watching Arabidopsis thaliana, a fast-growing, globally found weed known as mouse-eared cress, to learn how plants can produce even in tough growing conditions:

Unlike crops, which for millennia have been selectively refined to express certain traits, Arabidopsis has not been cultivated and thus has [...]

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