The weed that can feed the world.

31 December 2012 grant 0

Well, maybe not *directly*… but Science Daily explains how scientists are watching Arabidopsis thaliana, a fast-growing, globally found weed known as mouse-eared cress, to learn […]

Super-scum. Again.

28 July 2010 grant b 0

This is more covering-the-coverage than flogging a new discovery, but the New York Times is keeping tabs on the process of turning pond scum into […]

Corn syrup not so sweet.

23 March 2010 grant b 1

Princeton University researchers have found the bitter truth about HFCS: The first study showed that male rats given water sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup in […]

Wetware upgrade.

14 January 2010 grant b 0

BBC dives into the future of computing, when we replace cold, hard silicon with a strong brew of liquid thinking machines: What distinguishes the current […]

Love is envy (chemically).

18 November 2009 grant b 0

Science Daily reveals the chemical link between passionate desire and passionate jealousy: Previous studies have shown that the oxytocin hormone has a positive effect on […]

Squirt memory up your nose.

12 October 2009 grant b 0

The venerable Lockergnome recently looked at memory technology – specifically, a nasal spray that boosts your ability to learn: In a research report featured as […]

We found the seeds.

20 August 2009 grant b 0

Reuters carries the story of the first seed of life to be discovered on a comet: The latest findings add credence to the notion that […]