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Written By: grant on November 11, 2013 No Comment

International Business Times readies the citizens of balmy island paradises for a rough ride, thanks to a World Bank report putting Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on the top of list of cities at risk from climate change:

The World Bank published a study on Thursday that listed Santo Domingo in the top five of cities that will experience [...]

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Written By: grant on July 22, 2013 No Comment

Fast Company looks to the heights to chronicle a potential climate change real estate boom:

Scientists and politicians have even come to the conclusion that whole countries such as Mauritius and Tuvalu will need to evacuate due to rising sea levels. But while coastlines in much of the world may suffer, climate change will be a positive development in [...]

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Written By: grant on July 10, 2013 No Comment

Slate has printed his controversial plan to live up to the promise of gene science without the industrial agriculture downside:

The GMO story has become mired in the eco-wrecking narrative of industrial agriculture, and that is too bad for those who understand the real risks of climate change and discern our desperate need for innovation. And while the blue-sky [...]

Written By: grant on July 8, 2013 No Comment

Laboratory Equipment recommends getting bogged down to prevent global warming, with research that shows man-made marshes can fight climate change:

…[S]ays Bill Mitsch, director of the Everglades Wetland Research Park at Florida Gulf Coast Univ. and an emeritus professor at Ohio State Univ.: wetlands also excel at pulling carbon dioxide out of the air and holding it long-term in [...]

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Written By: grant on April 4, 2013 No Comment

Nature puzzles over an unforeseen consequence of global warming – an expansion of Antarctic sea ice as the climate warms:

While sea ice at the North Pole has shrunk substantially over the past three decades, scientists have struggled to explain why sea ice near the South Pole has grown in extent over the same period.

“The paradox is that global warming [...]

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Written By: grant on December 17, 2012 No Comment

Brace yourselves for more global warming news. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is ready to post its next report. Most of us, like Scientific American, won’t really be surprised by its contents. (Yes, we’re getting warmer. Yes, it seems to be because people have made machines that pump out carbon dioxide and methane like crazy.) But the guy who [...]

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Written By: grant on July 2, 2012 No Comment

Reuters has the cheery news that no matter what we do, ocean levels will be rising:

More than 180 countries are negotiating a new global climate pact which will come into force by 2020 and force all nations to cut emissions to limit warming to below 2 degrees Celsius this century – a level scientists say is the minimum [...]

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Written By: grant on April 10, 2012 No Comment

The world’s future supply of chalk is threatened by global warming. That’s what I take away from this LiveScience report on how the souring of the ocean is weakening plankton shells:

In the new study, a trio of scientists at the Helmholtz Center for Oceanographic Research in Kiel, Germany, bred a variety of phytoplankton, called Emiliania huxleyi, to tolerate [...]

Written By: grant on March 27, 2012 No Comment

Climate scientists, as quoted in New Scientist, have said goodbye to summer ice in the Arctic. For good:

Despite fears of runaway sea-ice loss after summer cover hit an all-time low in 2007 – opening the Northwest Passage for the first time in living memory – modelling studies based on our best understanding of ice dynamics indicated the [...]

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