Make marshes, keep Earth cool.

8 July 2013 grant 0

Laboratory Equipment recommends getting bogged down to prevent global warming, with research that shows man-made marshes can fight climate change: …[S]ays Bill Mitsch, director of […]

Hungry season.

7 January 2011 grant b 0

Amid all the fish kills and rising gas prices, here’s a feel-good story for the season from the kindly folks at Scientific American. It seems […]

How climate change works.

6 May 2010 grant b 0

Finally, finally, NASA explains in clear, simple terms why they think humans are behind global warming: Based on a combination of paleoclimate data and models, […]

Global warming real estate.

25 May 2009 grant b 0

You’d expect the rising ocean levels to decimate coastlines, but the New York Times points out that melting glaciers are, rather surprisingly, raising land levels […]