A memorial algorithm

7 September 2011 grant b 0

Scientific American reveals the moving mathematics behind the layout of the 9/11 memorial: The planners of the memorial, which will be dedicated this weekend where […]

War games.

11 April 2011 grant b 0

DVice.com fulfills that long-held suspicion (in some circles) about videogames and military recruiting with a report on new games actually produced by the Pentagon: ACTUV […]

Robot lawyers.

8 March 2011 grant b 0

It’s not news when more factory workers get laid off because their jobs have been automated. But New York Times seems to agree that when […]

Street View: Antarctica

1 October 2010 grant b 0

Dude! I *know* that… uh… ice cliff…. Guardian takes a look at Google Street View’s mission to the southernmost continent: Brian McClendon, vice-president of engineering […]

DARPA wants Prophecy.

4 June 2010 grant b 0

Wired’s Danger Room sees all, knows all, and reveals all – including the Pentagon’s plan to predict biological attacks by knowing all possible outcomes: They’re […]

Computers get the joke.

19 May 2010 grant b 0

PopSci releases the terrifying news that computers can decode our humor now. We can’t tell jokes over their little silicon heads any more – they’ve […]

Wetware upgrade.

14 January 2010 grant b 0

BBC dives into the future of computing, when we replace cold, hard silicon with a strong brew of liquid thinking machines: What distinguishes the current […]

DIY book scanner

16 December 2009 grant b 0

Wired featured a wonderful piece of homemade cybernetics (and one that could subtly changing the world) – the homemade book scanner: For nearly two years, […]

The spy in your pocket.

19 October 2009 grant b 0

New Scientist challenges a team of professional electronic snoops, who prove that strangers can learn more than you think from your phone: I’ve just walked […]