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Written By: grant on April 7, 2014 No Comment

That, National Geographic has come out and said, is the sorry state of our oceans, as the ongoing search for Malaysian Airlines 370 has tragically demonstrated:

“This is the first time the whole world is watching, and so it’s a good time for people to understand that our oceans are garbage dumps,” says Kathleen Dohan, a scientist at Earth [...]

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Written By: grant on February 13, 2014 No Comment

Ecowatch reveals how our cities act as killing machines, with a new study that’s determined that buildings kill nearly one billion birds every year:

In the most comprehensive study of its kind, involving the review and analysis of almost two dozen studies and more than 92,000 records, federal scientists have found that between 365 and 988 million birds are [...]

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Written By: grant on October 14, 2013 No Comment

I’m pretty sure Nature is blazing a new B-movie trail with this report on hormone-disrupting chemicals “rising from the dead”:

Environmental scientists have discovered that although these compounds are often broken down by sunlight, they can regenerate at night, returning to life like zombies.

“The assumption is that if it’s gone, we don’t have to worry about it,” says environmental [...]

Written By: grant on October 11, 2013 No Comment

Those questions were raised in, of all publications, Astrobiology Magazine. Why are astrobiologists so concerned about human culture? Because if civilizations can really die out, that affects how many alien civilizations are likely to be out there somewhere:

The longevity of our civilization was the topic of a symposium recently held in Washington DC. The symposium was organized and [...]

Written By: grant on October 9, 2012 No Comment

French beekeepers, Russia Today tells us, were mystified when their hives started producing rainbow-colored honey – but were even more concerned when they found out the not-so-sweet reason why:

The bees around the town of Ribeauville in the Alsace region have been carrying an unidentified colored substance back to their hives since August. The keepers have done a bit of [...]

Written By: grant on September 10, 2012 No Comment

Guardian takes a look underwater, and what it sees (and, more importantly, what scientists are seeing) really doesn’t look good:

The decline of the reefs has been rapid: in the 1970s, more than 50% showed live coral cover, compared with 8% in the newly completed survey. The scientists who carried it out warned there was no sign of the [...]

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Written By: grant on January 5, 2012 No Comment

File this Washington Post story under “unintended consequences,” maybe. Researchers in Yellowstone Park are noting that as wolf populations are rebounding, the number of trees is growing too:

The return of gray wolves has dramatically altered the landscape in portions of Yellowstone National Park, as new trees take root in areas where the predators have curbed the size of [...]

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Written By: grantb on June 22, 2011 No Comment

PhysOrg hops on the in-vitro meat bandwagon with a study that concludes lab-grown meat will lower greenhouse gas emissions by 96 percent:

The analysis, carried out by scientists from Oxford University and the University of Amsterdam, also estimates that cultured meat would require 7-45% less energy to produce than the same volume of pork, sheep or beef. It would [...]

Written By: grantb on June 10, 2011 No Comment

I know I already kinda wrote a song about this (and isopods), but still – the Mother Nature Network has joined the voices marveling over the fact that the closer we look at Antarctica, the more full of life it becomes:

Antarctica’s remote South Georgia Island boasts 90 percent of the world’s fur seals, half of the [...]

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