Cookbook ecology

22 March 2010 grant b 0

“Trophic level” is a measure of how far up the food chain an animal is. It’s generally used in ecological studies to show how much […]

Our Antarctic Getaway

4 December 2009 grant b 0

New Scientist has a lovely brochure for a summer place down south – far, far south: The cool climate of Antarctica was a refuge for […]

Terror from the farm.

7 September 2009 grant b 0

Johns Hopkins University is unleashing a wave of… no, wait. It’s farms. Johns Hopkins is just warning about it. Farms, however, are unleashing a wave […]

Deadly plastic ocean.

25 August 2009 grant b 0

Discovery brings up the grim possibility that we’re all doomed to die in an invisible toxic wave: Patterns in ocean currents create conglomerations of swirling […]

Sushi ain’t green.

17 April 2009 grant b 0

Scientific American raises the alarming prospect that, much quicker than anyone expected, bluefin tuna is going the way of the dodo: As European fishing fleets […]

Of Wind and Fish.

18 November 2008 grant b 0

MSNBC recently reported on an unusual idea – that offshore wind farms would be not only good for creating clean energy, but they’d also boost […]

Rock Will Save The Planet

14 November 2008 grant b 0

OK, it’s a specific kind of rock: Scientists at Columbia University have discovered that a rock found in the Middle East can be used […]

Windless City Power

12 August 2008 grant b 0

So much for rooftop turbines – unless you’re on a farm. A new study from the UK Carbon Trust, which appeared on the blog, […]

What is it?

17 July 2008 grant b 1

CNN, not normally an outlet for science news, covers the mysterious story of a brand new bug at London’s Natural History Museum: The museum has […]