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Written By: grant on May 25, 2014 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Linear Motor Velocity Detection Apparatus</i>, by James L. Johnson and Harold C. Stephens, 1969

From IBM’s patent 3470399, a device to tell how fast an electric motor is running by detecting its magnetic field.

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Science magazine turns on yet another way electromagnetism can alter the way we think and remember – by switching on vivid visual hallucinations:

A 22-year-old male was receiving deep brain stimulation to isolate where his daily seizures originated. His disorder appeared after he caught West Nile virus at the age of 10 and subsequently [...]

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Science Daily is rubbing their hands (and stomping their feet) over new breakthroughs in harnessing your everyday movements to power up your batteries:

…[Georgia Institute of Technology professor Zhong Lin] Wang then developed the first triboelectric nanogenerator, or “TENG.” He paired two sheets of different materials together — one donates electrons, and the other [...]

Written By: grant on March 7, 2014 No Comment

New Scientist has an amazing new therapy for patients in a vegetative state – using the same direct current-stimulation that increases creative “flow” to turn their brains back on all the way:

The team worked with 55 people who had experienced a traumatic brain injury or lack of oxygen to the brain and were in [...]

Written By: grant on November 13, 2013 No Comment

The medievalists at Medievalists.net are all excited over a new technology that “unerases” writings that were erased by scribes to make more room on precious parchment:

Using cutting-edge technology, European scientists have uncovered new fragments by Euripides and an unknown ancient commentary on Aristotle.

These writings were on parchments that were washed off and overwritten in [...]

Written By: grant on October 25, 2013 No Comment

PhysOrg is sending out the call, as the Pentagon prepares to team up with brain-tech DIYers:

[...A]t the Maker Faire in New York, a new low-cost EEG recording front end was debuted at DARPA’s booth. Known as OpenBCI, the device can process eight channels of high quality EEG data, and interface it to [...]

Written By: grant on February 3, 2013 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Appareil Electromedical de G. Trouvet</i>, from <i>La Nature</i>, 1878

This device is “a regulateur des intermittences”, according to La Nature. I’m not sure what “intermittences” are exactly, but Gustave Trouvet was going to fix ‘em by plugging this in. He fixed all kinds of things with his numerous inventions.

I found the picture (by someone named Burgun?) on Wikimedia Commons.

Written By: grant on January 4, 2013 No Comment

Laboratory Equipment reveals a quantum leap in tDCS – transcranial direct current stimulation, or zapping your brain to make it do things differently. As the regular reader knows well, folks have already used tDCS to enter creative states… but now they’ve found out how to use electricity to release painkilling chemicals in the [...]

Written By: grant on September 25, 2012 No Comment

Gigaom has the scoop on Tesla’s bid to change the face of America – by introducing a network of electric-car charging stations:

Eectric car maker Tesla announced on Monday night that it has installed its “Supercharger” rapid car charging network at an initial six locations throughout California and Tesla says charging at these stations [...]

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