Tune into the li-fi.

8 February 2012 grant 0

Wired is all aglow over a new wireless transmission system that uses light instead of radio waves: Using off-the-shelf electronics, he can stream videos using […]

Tattoo circuits

17 August 2011 grant b 0

They’re temporary, sure, but these tattoos in Ars Technica are still powerful. Literally. They’re monitors made from tattooed circuits on your skin: All of the […]

Kiss controller

7 March 2011 grant b 0

Why use your hands to manipulate the electronics, asks Georgia Tech digital artist Hye Yeon Nam, when you could use a little affection instead?: Project […]

Smart Helmets

13 January 2011 grant b 0

As if American football players don’t get enough flack from rugby-playing nations, Wired is reporting that their helmets are going electronic: Now, according to The […]

Intelligent eyes.

7 October 2009 grant b 0

IEEE Spectrum, the journal that sounds like it’s screaming, is taking a long, close look at contact lenses that could give you Terminator eyes: …[I]n […]

Autotune explained.

3 July 2009 grant b 0

Normally I wouldn’t encourage this sort of thing, but NOVA has an interesting feature explaining how Autotune works. On July 6, they’ll be posting answers […]

Gibraltar may crumble…

27 May 2009 grant b 0

…but this new memory technology Neatorama’s talking about will be here to stay: Berkeley… researcher Alex Zettl and colleagues created a physical memory cell composed […]

Jacket makes movies feelies.

31 March 2009 grant b 1

The IEEE (what used to be the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) reports in Spectrum about a strange new entertainment breakthrough that combines neurology, […]

Paper Memory

3 December 2008 grant b 0

Physorg.com writes it down to remember, using new techniques to create paper flash drives: Martins, a scientist at the New University of Lisbon in Portugal, […]

Large Hadron Rap

4 September 2008 grant b 0

Yes, the LHC is exciting. I own that. But is it *this* exciting? That’s a bunch of particle physicists (I think) dancing inside the LHC […]