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Written By: grant on July 25, 2014 No Comment

Investors are (quietly, says Scientific American) lining up support for companies figuring out the ins and outs of nuclear fusion:

…[T]he fragments of information that have filtered out make it clear that the building houses one of the largest fusion experiments now operating in the United States. It is also one of the most unconventional. [...]

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The Guardian has more on the power-station throwdown in which solar power is winning the race:

Last week, for the first time in memory, the wholesale price of electricity in Queensland fell into negative territory – in the middle of the day.

For several days the price, normally around $40-$50 a megawatt hour, hovered [...]

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Scientific American lauds the state long linked with oil money for breaking wind power production records:

The Lone Star State hit “peak wind” at 8:48 p.m. on March 26, when the state’s wind farms produced 10,296 megawatts of electricity. At that moment, wind turbines provided enough electricity to supply power for 29 percent of the [...]

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SONG: “Something Missing.” (To download: double right-click & “Save As”)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Man prefers $50 3-D printed hand to $42,000 prosthetic”, Washington Post, 23 April 2014, as used in the post “A $50 home-printed hand beats a $42,000 prosthetic.”.

ABSTRACT: Sometimes the words all fall into place. Sometimes they [...]

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Washington Post explores the friendship between Jeremy Simon, a 3D-printer “tinkerer” and Jose Delgado, a 53-year-old man who was born without a hand… and who prefers Simon’s “Cyborg Beast” to the pretty (but not so functional) myoelectric hand:

With a 3-D printer and $50 worth of materials, Simon made Delgado a hand that Delgado [...]

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Written By: grant on May 6, 2014 No Comment

Scientific American paints a peculiar picture of the Big Apple’s future, with the hustle and bustle taking place behind a series of levees, walls and other barriers to keep the ocean out:

“The city is on a good path … but it needs to be studying the barriers,” said Jeroen Aerts, a professor of risk [...]

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<i>Types of Trusses</i>, from <i>FM 5-10 Engineer Field Manual</i>, 1940.

Ways to get that bridge finished, as described in FM 5-10 Engineer Field Manual, Communications, Construction, and Utilities (September 9, 1940)

Fancy car for the U.S. Army to be building bridges for.

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Written By: grant on January 20, 2014 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Spark Test For Hardness Of Metal</i>, 1941

From the US Naval Research Laboratory manual Mechanical Practice.

There’s also a *great* diagram of Phillips-head screws.

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Science Art:<i> Section and Elevation of Compound Oil Engine, Showing Construction</i>.

Thus do we master the physical world.

From Mechanical Engineering, a journal published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1919.

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